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I love this website! I have used it so much for my humanities folder (a folder of authors art and analysis). It is just great! I love the organization and the biographies are worded very well. I also love hiw you can large scale all the artists artwork. The huge selection is great, I can find anything I need or want. The only thing lacking is, I wish it went through to realsim and modern art. All in all a veru superb site!

Colorado Springs, CO, USA
March 31, 2008

My goodness! You must be really, really rich to be able to share this so much wealth! What you've given to/shared with me means so much and there's no way for you to really find out about it other than with this screaming THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Ariel Leo F. Agosto,
Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines
March 31, 2008

Beautiful and informative, I came across your web site looking for information on Rembrandt's "Return of the Prodigal Son." I will be back. Thank You. This is the internet at its very best.

Greg Russell,
Duluth, Minnesota, USA
March 31, 2008

I have visited your website for years now, and admire how you have expanded it. It has always been very useful to illustrate my classes on Renaissance and Baroque issues. Once again thank you very much.

Alicia C. Monguió,
Clifton Park, New York, USA
March 31, 2008

I liked to see a painting of Juan van der Hamen. Maybe he was one off my great-great-great grandfathers

Elly van der Hammen,
Nijmegen, Gelderland, Nederland
March 30, 2008

The best site in the world. I will never thank you enough for the possibility of owning digital pictures of painting masterpieces. Looking at these pictures on my desktop is transmitting the passion for art to other people such as my daughter who is 12. Thanks again

Massimo Zagati,
Collegno TO, 10093, Italy
March 29, 2008

Dziêkujê za cudown¹ podró¿ w czasie !

, Polska
March 27, 2008

it's fantastic! i'm an architect, i designe recontructions of historical buildings. i use a lot of time pictures to reconstraction some structures. and here, it's a "paradise" for me! and the search machine.. congratulation!

zoltán wittinger,
budapest, hungary
March 27, 2008

Super data base set up very nice I will come to visit as often as I can. Thanks, RJH

Richard J Horvath,
Tucson, Arizona, USA
March 26, 2008

bellissimo; grazie.

Maurizio Viterbini,
Roma, RM, Italy
March 25, 2008

Hálás vagyok hihetetlenül gazdag és technikailag is kiváló weblapjuknak. Reszketek, hogy fenn tudják tartani.

Osvath Janos,
Budapest, Magyarország
March 25, 2008

I enjoyed looking at this website and reading the information that was provide.

kalish Hull
Spartanburg, South Carolina
March 24, 2008

Thanks for an excellent site

Darrell Gordon,
Marlton, NJ, USA
March 24, 2008

very nice web site where you can meet people with the same interests

San Jose, CA, USA
March 24, 2008

This is one of the best web sites I've ever visited. It helped me many times during my education and it still helps me in my every day work. Or I just browse around enjoying myself.

Branka Bacinger,
Zagreb, Croatia
March 23, 2008

Not yet

enkhuizen, nederland, nederland
March 23, 2008

Hello everybody, my name is Damion, and I'm glad to join your conmunity, and wish to assit as far as possible.

Jbeil, Lebanon, Lebanon
March 22, 2008


Benjamin Nativ,
Jerusalem, Israel
March 22, 2008

My wife and I just heard of the Frescoes in the Cappella Scrovegni (Arena Chapel) this evening. Thank you so much for making them available on line. We will not be able to travel to Padua to experience them in person. Your virtual galery is the next best thing. In fact, we may visit these virtual fescoes any time of the day or night! Thanks again, Steven Schonefeld & Maryellen Wright

Steven A. Schonefeld,
Angola, IN, USA
March 22, 2008

to actually beechnuts raspberries, I go back it is a as a sapling we watched

London, Marlboro, France
March 21, 2008

we watched community rich flavor. and eat my their names

London, Marlboro, France
March 21, 2008

Stunned, and grateful.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia
March 21, 2008

Found a lot of useful information on your site. Thank you very much!

CJ Goodwin
March 20, 2008

B E L L I S S I M O!!!!!!!!!!!!

marcella iandolo,
rome, italy
March 20, 2008

enjoyed my visit thank you

cape town, south africa
March 20, 2008

Thank you for allowing me to search your Art Gallery. I attend Colorado Technical University online Cheryl

Cheryl M. Elliott,
Greenfield, Ohio, United States
March 18, 2008

The most beautiful and useful web page I ever found. It has been the page I have used to learn art and music. It has been the page I have used to show art to my children.Extraordinary work. Congratulations! Fgama

Federico Gama,
Mexico City, Mexico, Mexico
March 17, 2008

hey guys, this is a realy strange website. i don't get any of it but it really helped me out with my school work!!!! ok thanksluv me

brisbane, qld, australia
March 17, 2008

hi this is srikanth cherka iam glad to join in this guestbook.

hyderabad, andhra pradesh, india
March 15, 2008

I´m just wonder. This is my favorite site in the web. I allways use them to to made my reesearchs or simply forentertainment. congratulations and thanks for exist.

Figueiredo, Carlos,
Caxambu, MG, Brazil
March 15, 2008

This is the best website for teaching students the importance of art and the meaning behind the artwork. I will surely purchase several paintings to place in my home and classroom.

Alva Bussey, M.Ed.,
North Augusta, South Carolina, United States
March 14, 2008

What a great site!Thank you

Joan myg,
Unknown, Unknown, Russia
March 14, 2008

I am inspired to go to Rome to see this spectacular work of art.

Ronda Weilacker,
Nashville, TN, USA
March 13, 2008

Hello! I don´t like this site because this is some fucking and I cannot understand anything you stupid americans! So make this site better and change that language!

Saara Junninen
Sipoo, Finland
March 13, 2008

your art gallery is a treasure to behold

michael spiegel,
toronto, ontario, canada
March 13, 2008

Overwhelming.You have me eternally in gratitude.

Vishnu Khare,
New Delhi, Delhi, India
March 12, 2008

Glad that visited your site. I really liked it. Good luck.

March 12, 2008

I am searching through Dutch, Flemish, etc paintings, looking for images of butter!

March 10, 2008

As An Art History Student, your site has been most helpful.Thank you for constantly providing high quality images that allow the study of crutial have become one of my favoured references for documentation!

Paris, France
March 10, 2008

I would like to call the admin of this wonderful site. I don't understand, why you haven't added famous artist like Solvador Dali? Or I did't use your search engine well? Tell me please about it on my email. Thanks for your job!)

Krasnoyarsk, Russia
March 10, 2008

cool background, is placed colour is selected

fort lou, Maiami, USA
March 9, 2008

I have just found your site. what a wealth of beauty i will be returning here many times

don campbell,
aberdeen, u.k.
March 9, 2008

this site really helps me with my artwork


March 8, 2008

I Simply enjoyed the art work , the period music , in fact t the entire presentation of your web site .. Bravo!!!Tres Bien!!I Loved it.....

March 7, 2008

ý feel lucky,that a friend send this page twice to make sure i see it,thanks

adana, turkey
March 7, 2008

found some of the most extraordinary achievements of human culture...very useful and pleasing...great job!!!

Bucharest, Romania
March 7, 2008

Greetings from Austria, very good website

Klaffer, Linz, Austria
March 6, 2008

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ahmet atan,
ankara, turliye
March 5, 2008

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March 5, 2008

Yours' is indeed the accomplishment of a lifetime.Rest assured you have temple in the hearts of the countless art lovers all over the world.Yours is a life worthy of another lifetime as your accomplishment echoes towards generations still to come.

Ariel Leo Agosto,
Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines
March 5, 2008

Thanks for maintaining this site.It helped alot with my art history presentation.One thing though, not all of your dates flesh out, i.e. Johann Zoffany's Charles Towneley is dated before the biography says he was in India, so I'm assuming it was actually done in 1790 like it says in the biography.That sentence may be a bit confusing, so just compare the biography with the works listings for Johann Zoffany

Andrew Cochrane,
Juneau, Alaska, USA
March 4, 2008

Your site is very very cool !! I love it :) Respect !

Alberto Skotinio,
Alberto Skotinio, Alberto Skotinio, Germany
March 3, 2008


gert velsink,
ede, netherlands
March 3, 2008

Thank you for the resource. I am new to your site, but am in awe of all the images available to me. This is my first year of teaching a high school AP Art History class and the high-quality and variety of angles available is incredibly helpful. Keep up the good work.

Sharon Zoetewey,
Lakewood, Ca, USA
March 3, 2008

Thank you very much for the concise biography with precise and considerate comments on Caravaggio's works and life. The collection of paintings are truly wonderful and shows atonce its magnitude as well as intrinsic expressions. Thank you for making me travel back in time to the early 1500s

Mr. Franklyn James,
western cape, cape town, south africa
March 3, 2008

I´ve to discover your site and i´m wonder charmed. Is very nice and util tool to my searchs. Thank you! Carlos

Carlos Figueiredo,
Caxambu , MG, Brasil
March 2, 2008

Love this site!

Jennifer Sykes,
Encino, Ca, USA
March 1, 2008


March 1, 2008

Very impressive and complete collections with wonderful pictures, I thank you and hope you'll go on.

Nice, France
March 1, 2008

This is an excellent art resourse. I have a passion for renaisance, but i could learn to appreciate som of these other styles.

March 1, 2008

This is a beautiful site. I like the gothic art that you have alot. thanks

Toronto, Canada
March 1, 2008

This is rather more to students in History of Art: Take my word for it, although I have completed a PhD in Art History, I still learn, use your resources correctly and wisely as your Learning really never ends. To the Gallery team: Pinnacle information lies within your site and it is good to know that online libraries as yours exist to aid students in learning and citing, as the root of a tree begins with a thought, as all ideas begin on paper, so important is the seed from whence it came. Regards.

Dr. Andre Bruneau
Johannesburg, South Africa
March 1, 2008

I thank God for your work, God bless you all. Fr Marcelo

Marcelo Gabriel Panebianco,
Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
March 1, 2008

I love the art it is a very user-friendly website. much appreciated.

Jonny jim toolose,
No, NY, NOli
February 28, 2008

i love bernini's works and im so glad that you have such great pictures of them on here. thanks!

seattle, washington, USA
February 28, 2008

This is like dying and going to heaven. It is so wonderful. The two gentlemen who createdd this site are indeed people who truly understand the utility of the Internet and its purpose: To educate as many as possible. And the music is a true bolt of brilliance, I am forever indebted to Emil Krén and Daniel Marx. Thank you so very much.

Joe Fitzpatrick,
Busan , Kyoungsamnamdo, South Korea
February 27, 2008

Very good art

fargo, nd, usa
February 26, 2008

hello. I really enjoyed the PIERO DI COSIMO section. Thanks.

Tony Victor,
February 26, 2008

I must say that this site is unbelievable wonderful!

Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
February 26, 2008

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Mav staff,
milan, italy, italy
February 26, 2008

In these dark times, Art is the only thing that can make us breath... "All they that ... have some breadth for beauty and the arts" will understand...Thanks!

Milan, Italia
February 25, 2008

Absolutely interesting- something we need to know abt index in arts ! Thank you !

remo mellini,
izmir, izmir, turkey
February 25, 2008

I just found this web site and have found it very useful. I have a question about the legal use of images from this site. I am in the process of writing a book on the aesthetics of costume technology - a book I hope will be used by teachers of costume technology and historical costume reproduction. Would the using images from this data base be considered educational use, or would other legal avenues have to be persued? I appreciate your comments.

Kathie Brookfield,
Cheviot, Ohio, USA
February 25, 2008

I am fortunate to have a friend who introduced me to this wonderful Web Gallery of Art.

Tamworth, NSW, Australia
February 25, 2008

My life is better now. Thank you.

Barcelona, Catalunya, Catalunya
February 24, 2008

i am a 75 years old italian medical doctor, now retired, and I initiated to study art history in the Rome University "La Sapienza". Your site is formidable; every picture I must study is present and well illustrated. thanks !!

Giovanni Ceccarelli,
Roma, Italy, Italy
February 23, 2008

I have just discovered your marvellous website, and have been sending cards to family & friends ever since. It is good to send a card which might appeal - for example 'A merry party' by Steen to a jokey grandson having his '21st' party. If it were possible to have a search by Title, this would help my 'joined up thoughts'. Off soon to 'Cenerentola' (Cinderella) by Rossini. A pal got the tickets, and can't think of such a title, or a coach scene with a lovely lady descending, to use to thank him. A Trivial thought?, but have the 'serious' noticed Velazquez joke in the 'Waterseller of Seville'? He has carefully dented the circles of the lower part of the jug, both to show his skill, and also that the owner could only afford seconds!

February 23, 2008

Absolutely the best and most comprehensive art research site on the net! Now if someone would be able to do the same for modern art??? On my website links page, I consider this one the most valuable link!

Otto Rapp,
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
February 22, 2008

You are the best! Please make a search mode by one word for exsample whean we type "ships " , finde all pictures with ships

Pavel Pavlov,
Burgas, xxxx, Bulgaria
February 22, 2008

Every night with devotion I return to this unique page of endless blessings for those who love Love: no other thing is Art.

February 21, 2008

Wonderful website!!!

Ute Feldhofer,
Cologne, NRW, Germany
February 20, 2008


Isaac Okumu, Kenya.,
February 19, 2008

I do not know what I would do without your high-definition images in preparing my Art History courses.I recommend your website to all my students.I will be sending you a donation soon. Thank you.

Dr Maureen Ille,
Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England
February 19, 2008

Thank you very much for the concise biography with precise and considerate comments on Caravaggio's works and life. The collection of paintings are truly wonderful and shows atonce its magnitude as well as intrinsic expressions. Thank you for making me travel back in time to the early 1600s

maria charles,
Roma, Rome, Italy
February 19, 2008

beautifull! very good!

odalengo grande, italy
February 18, 2008

As a newcomer to the study of art I am finding your fantastic website a marvellous source of quality images and information to aid my knowledge, understanding and enjoyment. It is a great complement to my evening classes. What a find it is - thank-you!!

leicester, england
February 18, 2008

The frescos of Donatelo bring back fond memories in Italy, I felt reminiscent the moment I spotted the wonderful Italian art!

Jill Gabbert,
Cookeville, TN, USA
February 18, 2008

One amazing website!

Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
February 18, 2008

What a wonderful find in your site of the Giotto frescoes. We were there in Sept.with a group and I will print this out to put in my journal.There was a crowd and our time was limited of course. Many thanks to The Web Gallery

morris, il, usa
February 17, 2008

Thank you truly for a fabulous site. Keep it going. It is much appreciated. The "send postcard feature" is very nice. I also found many of the comments thoughtful.

Aimee Pelletier,
Arlington, Texas, USA
February 16, 2008

Congratulations, fellows, for the fine website where we can see great artworks and enjoy the deligthful music by thepast Masters. Unfortunately, I am living in an area were only "cowboy-music" can be heard night-and-day -- which separates me from the local culture.

Camarillo, California, United States
February 15, 2008

Wspaniała strona, ileż interesujących informacji... Great site !!

Bydgoszcz, Poland
February 15, 2008

Felicitaciones! Una feliz giornada de los continuacion!

roma, lazio, italy
February 14, 2008

By providing this invaluable service, I feel my time spent on the internet is worth while for myself and my children. Browsing through the centuries of art recorded here feels like I've been given a treasure map, and as I unfold it I'm guaranteed results of being uplifted, educated and delighted.Life is beautiful.

jean bess,
shepherd, mi, usa
February 14, 2008

This is a well organised and useful website! The images are good quality, and it has been helpful in my PhD research. Thanks!

Emily Peppers,
February 14, 2008

This is a most interesting, and informative website as well as being thoroughly enjoyable. For children who are taught by correspondence, withcomputer aids it would be a marvellous asset.

Neroli Jordan,
Toronto, New South Wales, Australia
February 14, 2008

I have in my a painting by rembrant and im tryingto verify its authinticity its an oil painting called artist son titus

curtis stocking,
stone mt., GA., USA
February 13, 2008

Newlyfoundtreasure chest formyarthistoryself-education. Will be back ... Lovethebackgroundmusicwhileviewingart! Thanksawholelot!!

muirne galve,
Quezon City , Philippines
February 12, 2008

Thank you for sharing all this information, and make all this art available online. It's greatly appreciated.

eindhoven, holland
February 11, 2008

I love the site, very interesting, will come back many times

dina koek,
la Nucia, Spain
February 10, 2008

This site is fantastic! Sometimes I get stuck here for hours. I only with there was a modern gallerey so well organized and accessible.

Albuquerque, NM, USA
February 10, 2008

Keep up the good work.Art is one thing that can lift our spirits to higher levels.

Baron von Munchausen,
Hamilton, Nth Island, New Zealand
February 10, 2008

Wonderful website! Really---Bravo!

Stanislas Conze,
Cotonou, Benin
February 9, 2008

my name is maha

jeddah, kas
February 9, 2008

A super website for those interested in art but unable to visit galleries and with limited accesss to resorces, l look foreward to further visits.regards tom suttie

thomas kirby suttie,
liverpool , england
February 8, 2008


Turku, Turku, Turku
February 6, 2008

Very good website!

Durham, NC, USA
February 5, 2008

I am strongly interested in Dr Gabriela Siracusano research works on dyes and colors. I would like to have her e-mail address. Indeed, since 2001 we met in Providence at Brown University, we missed each other. She was writing her Ph.D thesis. Regards, Dieudonné MUSIBONO

Dieudonné MUSIBONO,
Kinshasa, Kinshasa, D R Congo
February 4, 2008

Your website is absolutely wonderful, I love it and that is an understatement!!!!!!!!!!!

James Williams,
Milan, Lombardia, Italy
February 4, 2008

All hello. Excellent site!!!

February 2, 2008

Ein gelungener und wirklich interessanter Internetauftritt. Beste Grüße von Sophie

Hamburg, Hamburg, Deutschland
February 2, 2008

ha in my class i picked you because i like the way i did the love letter and all of your other panitins

wichital fal, texas, united state
February 1, 2008

Your web site is amazing. The wealth of images available are overwhelming. We visited Italy in 2007 & will be returning in 2 weeks. Since photographs are not allowed to be taken in the Sistine Chapel, your photos gave us a greater understanding of what we saw, & will soon see again.

Loreto Tocci,
E.Greenwich, RI, U.S.
February 1, 2008

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Shanky Jindal,
Ahmedabad , Gujarat, India
February 1, 2008

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February 1, 2008

Very good guestbook. Regards from London

London, England, UK
January 31, 2008

Including the so-called "modern art"(?)shall be the biggest mistake ever done. I hope that decorum may prevail. Ill'signore Pecorelli

January 31, 2008


leroy jenkins, 69yourmom@hotmail
ballin ville, CA, USA
January 30, 2008

an invaluable resource- would love it if modern art was eventually added

andrew w
new york, ny, us
January 30, 2008

I liked the content on this site. Would like to visit again.

Shirin Goel,
Mumbai , maharastra, India
January 29, 2008

it is a store house of art and the artists! in short it is a virtual museum!

shashanka das,
guwahati, assam, india
January 27, 2008

Articles and content in this section of the website are really amazing. From

Vishal Bansal,
Delhi , Delhi , India
January 27, 2008

There are a lot of amazing photo's on this site.

Brittney Brazeau,
chicago, illinois, united states
January 24, 2008

Thank you very muchThis is best for my WorkAll best for all of you Jerome de Voss

Jerome de Voss,
Kjøbenhavn, Stone little, Danmark
January 22, 2008

A wonderful website. Enchanting, intriguing, informative. Bravo!

Jeanetta Girgis,
Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica WI
January 21, 2008

What a fantastic resource; keep up the excellent work!

Simon Oxley,
Barnard Castle, County Durham, UK
January 21, 2008

Congratulations! I found youe Gallery of Art very interesting, especially if it's necessary to compare the different works according their epoque.

Cesena, Italy
January 20, 2008

:)Good work -good site. Very interesting and usefull, super! My friend told about you. Good luck!

Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA
January 20, 2008

This abundance of beauty enriches my daily life. Thank you very much!!!

J. Specht,
Hagen, NRW, Germany
January 20, 2008

Recently I finished a video project for Christmas event using "Napster to Go" music andused DRM-Removal for conversion. This application can unprotect any digitalaudio & video format -

kl, kl
January 20, 2008

What a fantastic gallery of paintings you have here.I would like to commend you on a very enjoyable site.WELL DONE.

damon smith,
medowie, nsw, australia
January 19, 2008

Thank you for your gallery. It's a great way to send greetings to your friends and loved ones. The love you have shown in creating this website has, I am sure, been passed onto to others in so many different ways and languages.Fantastic!

London, England
January 18, 2008

Thank you for the pleasure of viewing all these great masters of art...

Ankara, Turkey
January 17, 2008

Good overall effect. Very smooth. I like it. Thank-you and keep up the "good work." Will probably be back, as I would like to link my project to your work. Thanks again ~ Michael

Michael A. Clark,
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
January 17, 2008

wonderful paintings that have inspired my painting of portraits in oils. thank you as I have found my birth certificate and may be related to the fiorentino mentioned

darla del fiorentino,
miami beach, florida, united states
January 15, 2008

I am very enjoy with pictures of your galery you are great

slawomir skowronski,
Warszawa, Poland
January 15, 2008

What an amazing thing you have done here! The world thanks you!

Phyllis Senghaas,
Peekskill, NY, United States
January 14, 2008

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For this invaluable source of information.


January 12, 2008

WARNING! MAIL ADDRESSES PUBLISHED HERE WILL BE SPAMMED! This guestbook is harvested by spammers, because the email addresses are published unencrypted and in clear - and easy to harvest. I made the mistake of including a real email address when I first posted to the guestbook, back in 2005. That address now receives around 200 spams/day. Luckily it was a unique address I created for the occasion, and I can block it. Others are probably not so fortunate. I've made several attempts over the years to contact the site owners to point this out, but had no response. No doubt their names have been harvested too... DON'T GIVE A REAL EMAIL ADDRESS - YOU'LL REGRET IT IF YOU DO! CD

Chris Davis,
Newbury, UK
January 12, 2008


Thorsten Köppl,,
Stuttgart, Deutschland
January 12, 2008

Very good work! Congratulations!

Papachristou Theofilos,
Athens, Greece
January 11, 2008

I am a regular looker on your wonderful site; I love it, it's very informative and the images are beautiful and plenty. As a painter I use it to keep in contact with the history of the profession. Thanks!

Leiden, Netherlands
January 11, 2008

Benito que haces

Benito, benno @ mx
Mexico, Mexico city, mexico city
January 10, 2008

Very informative site with wonderful images to view pieces of art that I have viewed in person, new pieces I wish to see someday, and those I may never get a chance to view.I have discovered artists I was not aware of.This is a site I will revisit again and again.Thank You!

Jennifer Tschetter,
Freeman, SD, USA
January 9, 2008

What a brilliant website.I could spend all day looking at these beautiful works of art.

Lorraine Bryden,
Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK
January 9, 2008

All i can say is WOW. I am amazed. This is incredible work.

Deniel Clinton,
Polska, Dolnoslaskie, Poland
January 9, 2008

Very interesting information! Thanks!

st.Morse, USA
January 8, 2008

t'was a great site that artist at heart and in their profession must "add" on their favorite... keep up the good work guys... regards to all who pour their best effort, artistically & perspiringly for the sake of aesthetic pleasure of art...

antonio vicente mari p. salcedo,
Sta. Maria, Bulacan, Philippines
January 8, 2008

Congratulations on an excellent site which helps us all to further our study of art and art history.I wish you continued success regradsD. Whitehead Severn

Denis Whitehead-Severn,
Nantes, France
January 7, 2008

Hi! i'm a lawyer and a professor of media law and ethics at the University of the Philippines, College of Mass Communication, Diliman, QC, Metro Manila.I have a personal blog of my legal opinions on current affairs and of my students' reviews of news media content. May i request permission to use some of your on-line art pieces with proper acknowledgement of the artist, the museum, and your website; as visuals, now and then, for the blog posts at www.marichulambino.wordpress.comthank you and best regards.- marichu c. lambino

Marichu C. Lambino,
Manila, QC, Metro Manila, Philippines
January 5, 2008

your gallery is BEUTIFUL! thank you. i was doing a report on filippo brunelleschi and i got to know him a little better looking at his work.p.s. please dont e-mail me back. thanx again!!!!

sarah novotne,
new york, new york, us
January 5, 2008

A wonderful site, which I discovered while at our beautifully restored early 1900's Strathcona library. Thank you for a beautiful Saturday morning, visiting this most interesting site.

James Delaney,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
January 5, 2008

I enjoyed browsing through the wonderful Art Gallery. Hopefully one day I can see it in person.

Perth, WA, Australia
January 5, 2008

beautifull drawing simply amazing

Justin Datka
wausau, wi, usa
January 4, 2008

I am very thrilled about a print I purchased of the Tempi, Madonna and Child earlier today. This evening I have been trying to find more information regarding it. It is credibly beautiful. On the back of the print it tells that it is a museum print, and states the number 1471 on the back. It's frame is old and part of the picture is lined in a velour type red, wine colored cloth.

Heather Murray,
Shelby Twp., Michigan, USA
January 4, 2008

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January 3, 2008

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January 3, 2008

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bangkok , metro bangkok , thailand
January 2, 2008

This is the best site I have found on the Internet for artists. I am in the 10th grade and this site has been an invaluable resource to me. Thank you so much!

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
January 2, 2008

Very informational site!

Lindsey ,
Edinboro, PA, United States
January 1, 2008

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