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Super-puper site!

boston, boston, usa
September 28, 2008

Merci aux créateurs de ce site pour la qualité et la richesse de leur travail. Quel bonheur de pouvoir admirer les oeuvres rassemblées.

September 26, 2008

very pretty. :)

Valencia, CA, USA
September 26, 2008

I am very pleased that I found this site! Thank you, I'll be back.

Erfurt, Thüringen, Germany
September 26, 2008

I found your sight by chance and sent it to my favorites right away. This is such a wonderfull excape and full of sights to delight the eye. Thank you very much ... Mark :)

Mark Boyle,
Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A
September 25, 2008

Listen, you guys! you helped me pass a lot of exams and I rewarded you with a lot of smiley faces for that! thank you!!!!:)

Bucharest, Romania
September 23, 2008

Thank you for your site. A mine for my courses of Art history.I recommend it to my is a practical and clear tool.A great web site.

Hervé Crespel
Lille, France
September 23, 2008

The last info I've about my family are talking about Enrique de Arfe and a certain "von Harff" family coming from Germany. Would you have any info about Mr Enrique Arfe's parents etc ...? Thanks in advance. Mr F. Arfé

Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées, France
September 22, 2008

I love this site. What a wonderful resourse for anyone interested in Art History.

Richard Balzer,
Jones, OK, USA
September 20, 2008

What a magnificent gift to have given us: great music playing while astonishingly beautiful works of art are brought up for viewing. Thank you. This is a truly outstanding website.

Carmine Giordano,
Lake Worth, FL, USA
September 20, 2008

Beautiful gallery! Pics that I have always been looking for.

Maria Franssie Jorge,
Margao, Goa, India
September 16, 2008

Hi, how I can send PM?


September 16, 2008

A great web site. Helped me in completing my assignments for an art class for an online college.It was filled with all the information I needed. Thank you for this.

cheryl armstrong,
Westbury, NY, United States
September 13, 2008

Wonderful site, well done! It helps me a lot with learning for my diploma exxamination in art history. Greetings from Austria

, Austria
September 12, 2008

very nice artworks

malang, east java, id
September 12, 2008

Well, i have collected above 3000 paintings from your site, and i want to give you a thank for making this great, rather I must say, greatest painting website. It were some days for me while I was collecting them, and every time I sat for it, it were like that i sat for a new world discovery. Again many many thanks for building this awesome website

Hisham Md. Nazer,
Dhaka, Bangladesh
September 10, 2008

i love your website!!!

Wanda McKee,
Fyffe, Alabama, USA
September 9, 2008

Hi, I want to ask a question, I have a oil painting by Leonko, have you ever heard of him? well this painting was appraised by Artistics Interiors in 1981, the no is: 197051. Does anybody know any thing about this picture or this artist?

Joliet, IL., u.s.a
September 9, 2008

Seeking information about a landscape artist named JACOBS. Born 1908,Korneuburg,Austria. He attended the Industrial School of Arts where he studied under a Professor ANGER. His paintings are subjects of which he is taking out of the Viennese surroundings are marked by their cheerful tones in colours. Am in receipt of an original lanndscape painting by Jacobs. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You!!!

William Ovens,
Rock Island, Illinois, United States
September 9, 2008

Hi I'm Angelica Albudin G'night

manila, philippines
September 8, 2008

Thanks for this site. It was very detailed and informative also beautifully displayed.

Margo Spivey,
Covington, Georgia, USA
September 6, 2008

A very interesting site, and is taking me AGES to get through everything.

Gotham - Sydney Graphic Design Studio,
Sydney, NSW, Australia
September 4, 2008

This site is a wonder on internet. whoever worked on it ,is blessed. thank you p.s. Sorry is the site downloadable.Secondly there are a few people who could buy the posters of certain pictures. Would you please get in touch with me

allan, wutherley
monteal, quebec, anada
September 1, 2008

Congratulations for the excellent work!!!thank you!!!I am a teacher, and it’s important for me to have access to these images, I work with literature, and I have many opportunities to show my students these beauties…and the music too.

luiz fernando vieira negrini,
taubaté, são paulo, brazil
August 30, 2008

Outstanding !!!!! The best I have ever seen. Thank you for the treasure of humanity. Gracias, Merci,Köszönöm

Tupac Quintanilla,
Sunrise, FL, USA
August 30, 2008

Totaly Awesome

Sally Romero
Clovis, NM, USA
August 29, 2008

Fantastic website! Thank you!


August 29, 2008

Just found this site. Love it. Will send a postcard to a friend today. ww

Wiley White,
Troy, AL, USA
August 28, 2008

Hallo, prima Seite, danke für all die tollen Informationen. Grüße

Thoma Erichson, Ballontiere,
Stuttgart, BW, Germany
August 27, 2008

My great grand-mother's name was Balogh Klara before marriage.After marriage her name became Balogh Klara.Her father was a captain on a ship.If somebody knows whether she had any brothers or sisters,please let me know. Best wishes Avelana

Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania
August 26, 2008

Hi All! Olympic Games - super!!! Hi all againll!!! =)


August 26, 2008

very beautiful i will come back and visit many more times

kathleen smalldridge,
bristol, avon, england
August 24, 2008

Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

Philadelphia, Philadelphia, USA
August 24, 2008

This site has been extremely crucial to my success as a student of Fine Art while attending Arkansas Tech University.

Anita Bata,
Russellville, Arkansas, United States
August 24, 2008

This is a great site, I visit here with a big pleasure! If there were not people like you, our world would be much worse:)

Koscierzyna, Poland
August 23, 2008

This site on Art is the best and most comprehensive we have found. We use it very often to find scans of and indications on masterpieces. We (my wife and me) are interested in art and try to share our interest with others through conferences&presentations. In the present world, art, it is our conviction, is a factor of peace. We want to thank the creators&authors of this site for their initiative which is a worldwide success. It pours hope and relief in our daily life.

PARIS, France
August 23, 2008


PARIS, France
August 23, 2008

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lome, golfe, togo
August 22, 2008

Fantastic site for the art lovers. Please visit my art site

Taranto, Italy
August 22, 2008

i find this very amazing i have a picture of one of the ones gerard david did

Hazel Brannon,
summerdale, Alabama, usa
August 22, 2008

I hope I can find more self-taughted artists here. I am an artist, and I hope I can sell my artworks here. Kind regards, Minglou

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
August 21, 2008

This is a great website to use as a teaching and learning tool. I just discovered it, and can't wait to utilize all you offer in the upcoming school year! Brilliant! Thank you!

Beth Capodanno,
Rocky Point, NY, USA
August 20, 2008

As I value your superb site so much perhaps you would consider the following comment? I believe the amazing 'Triumph of Ceasar' series at Hampton Court Palace to be Mantegna's 'hidden' masterpieces. Maybe further description on your site would reflect the importance of this treasure? To quote the Oxford Dictionary of Art - '...they rank alongside Raphael's tapestry cartoons as one of the greatest ensembles of Renaissance art outside Italy'. High praise indeed!

Ken Farnol
Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, United Kingdom
August 19, 2008

nice web site

August 19, 2008

I am an art history teacher. This website is invaluable to my students and myself. Thank you!!

Fairfax, Virginia, USA
August 14, 2008

An incredinbly easy to use beautiful website. The artwork is superb. Thank-you for creating the Web Gallery of Art!

RevFr Romano,
Vancouver, WA, USA
August 14, 2008

Apreciables Sres. Muchas gracias por compartir algo de lo más hermoso de la humanidad, la cultura. De nuevo muchas gracias. Dios los bendiga.

Domingo Urquijo,
Poza Rica, Vracruz, México
August 14, 2008

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brooklyn, new york, usa
August 12, 2008

It's one of the most interesting site I've never seen before. Congratulations!

Marcia Sampaio,
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
August 12, 2008

i visited the sistine chapel in 1946. astounding! i will neverforget it.

charles d. wilson,
new port richey, florida, usa
August 10, 2008


August 9, 2008

What a discovery! Giotto is alive and well on the Web Gallery of Art. Thank you a thousand times, and in Hawaii we say Mahalo. Ed

Stewart Wiggers,
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
August 8, 2008

I have just stumbled upon this excellent website which is a very useful reference tool. Thank you. I am particularly taken with the postcard-seding service! Can you add Vilhelm Hammershoi (Danish) and Louise Bourgeois to the site -- I searched for them in vain. Best wishes, Frances White

Frances White,
Killaloe, Co. Clare, Ireland
August 5, 2008

Surely this superb site is a clear indication of the maturity of the internet. An unbelievable resource! To add a musical background greatly adds to the enjoyment of the experience. D Terry

David Terry,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
August 2, 2008

Tremendously useful site! thank you

melbourne, australia
August 2, 2008

I am so thankful for finding your website!

Samantha Tremonti,
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August 2, 2008

looking for Old Masters art curriculum, ie postcards for pasting and identifying in a copy book like the old days. Know an inexpensive source? Thanks.

ellenville, ny, usa
August 2, 2008

Thank you for this artistic, beautiful, joyful page. We at Artesofía educate children and adults through art so, your help is really appreciated. Regards form Mexico, Norma Lilia Gutiérrez

Puebla de los Angeles, Puebla, México
July 31, 2008

This is a very nicely designed website, amazing job. Good content and fine layouts, too. If you have a newsletter I would also like to sign up, thanks again, David, Filmbay Editor .--------------

David Jenkins

July 30, 2008

This is an astonishing site. There is a filmic quality to watching one's selections emerge to fill the screen - but also a curious intimacy, probably to do with scale and sense that one is so close to the painted surface. Truly beautiful work with academic rigour and invention. The best!

Trevor Shearer,
London, UK
July 29, 2008

Very nice website, good comments! Thanks.

stefano ruggeri,
la spezia, italy
July 29, 2008

just wonderful....I feel good, happy and calm

sabine kjell,
HEDARED (Schweden), Sweden
July 29, 2008

Really interesting web. Fantastic tool for students and people interested in art.

Barcelona, Spain
July 29, 2008

Just spent a sleepless night last night! why ? because I'd just come across your Site and I could not get away! I realize it represents such a HUGE amount of work ... I can't imagine the hours ... Imagine the tuition value to youngsters all over the world (at least to those who can access the Web, sigh) This is what brings the Planet together. We need more of people like you. I'm sure this rates among the very best for quality and completeness. Thank you so much.

Cannes, France
July 29, 2008

I like this website. It appears to be very comprehensive with the artits. I plan to come back as I further my education in art.

Thacia Testerman,
Visalia, CA, USA
July 28, 2008

Quanto mais eu conheço a arte... mais eu sinto e vejo a grandiosidade do universo de Deus!!! Um Forte abraço para todas as pessoas (de todas as nacionalidades) que admiram a arte!!!

Roberta O Guilherme,
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil
July 28, 2008

Congratulations! Over the past 3 years the images of its website, help me to make my lessons.

Jordi Huguet,
Barcelona, Spain
July 28, 2008


Isabella Rogatschenko,
Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil
July 28, 2008

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alery, israel
July 26, 2008

You can find here nore than you want

moscow, moscow, russian
July 23, 2008

Dear Emil and Daniel, Thank you for a lovely virtual tour at your Web Gallery of Art. It truly exceeds the beauty of nature one can onlyfind in a halls of an open museum. I found your site to be a distinction above other "gallery " sites which cannot compare to the quality of artwork you have provided for the observer. We are currently restoring a painting of a portrait of Rembrandt which appears to have been framed by a Dutch framer; as the emblem on the back of the wooden board states the following: C.J. Wawra's Runsthandlung und Kunstantiquariet Wien, I. Dorotheergasse 14. If you would be so kind, we ask would you please translate this information from Dutch to English as we would be ever so grateful for this information as we prepare our condition report, which will include your Website as a resource for our client archives. We would be delighted to make a donation to the gallery for your help. All The Best, Jan Suberman Art Conservation Head Conservator

Jan Suberman,
Orlando, Florida, USA
July 21, 2008

Great comments.

Phil Smith,
Douglas, Isle of Man
July 20, 2008

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anarim, lebannon
July 20, 2008

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Cityyork, Cityyork, USA
July 20, 2008

What a wonderful site. So enjoyable and so instructive. The pictures are beutiful. Too bad it stops at the mid 19th century. But it's great anywy.Thnk you for such a remarkable work.U. di porzio

Umberto di Porzio,
Naples, Italy
July 19, 2008

Wonderful, amazing site. Thanks a lot.

Beata Ratynska,
Warsaw, Poland
July 16, 2008


July 16, 2008

Thank you for a wonderful gallery. I'm a music teacher intent on using some iconograhpy in teaching music and you have a lovely collection!

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
July 15, 2008 want coment on my work

Dhaka, Bangladesh
July 15, 2008

You have done a wonderful service. I come here often to look and brouse and listen to the music. It gives me peace. Thank you and God bless.

Frank Garcia,
Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
July 13, 2008

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akro, israel
July 12, 2008

You are making a mistake to attribution the bust of Antonio Coppola to "Pietro" Bernini, who never made one portrait during his long career as a master sculpor. The bust is rather by his son Gianlorenzo Bernini, who GLB, done when he was too young to sign his own contracts. If you would like the pertinent bibliography, please send me an e-mail and I will gladly supply it.

Marilyn Aronberg Lavin,
Princeton, NJ, USA
July 11, 2008

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Elizabeth Hugate Hudgins,
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
July 11, 2008

Your site is amazing!It helped me also in my studies!I have studied archaeology ana history of art, so..i appreciate your work!

Piraeus, Piraeus, Greece
July 11, 2008

Night Meadows is my name from Love your webby

Night Meadows,
England, Lincolnshire
July 10, 2008


mgaya mwikwabe range,
Dar-es-salaam, tz, TANZANIA
July 9, 2008

oh since i discovered ths site l have enjoyed alot and learnt so many things.This is the wonderful site.

mgaya mwikwabe range,
Dar-es-salaam, tanzania, Tanzania
July 9, 2008

Maravellous, amazing, superb, the most comprehensive Gallery of Art I have ever seen. It's a wonderful treat to the mind, the eyes and ears.Bravo!!!Milleanni

Weston, Florida, USA
July 9, 2008

my last name is csaba, and i am hungarian. i wanted to find my long lost relatives and ancestors!!

meghan csaba, sexy_meghan@hotmail.cin
winnipeg, manitoba, canada
July 8, 2008

hi to all

billy a. sluder,
abilene., texas, taylor
July 5, 2008

perfect website for the paint lovers like me

Istanbul, Turkey
July 4, 2008

It is wonderful to have so many excellent images available in one web location.

Geoffrey Heriot,
Greenville, SC, USA
July 4, 2008

This is a wonderful site. I teach a course (Cultural Literacy) at Texas Military Institute,San Antonio,Texas. As this is a self created course the information you provide is invaluable;I've found nothing here to fore that has been as accessable. I could use help on using the duel mode. Best Regards, Martin Bell

hm Bell,
san antonio, texas, usa
July 3, 2008

Nice Berlin visit last Year.... We had a great time... If you are looking for good holiday appartement

Frank Gerhard,
berlin, berlin, Germany
July 3, 2008

the web gallery of art has been more helpful in visually researching Leonardo Da Vinci's work than any other site i have looked at. THANKS!

dEBi (oWEn) jOhNsON,
Montgomery, Alabama, USA
July 3, 2008

!!!! WOOOOWWWW! -- "## truly WONDERFUL !! ##" Admiration and great congratulations to those who have built this site and put it together !! -- This huge and well designed work, that puts multimedia very much top the service of great art, does deserve congratulations and admiration from web users !!! SO MANY THANKS !!! I am not a connaisseur, but I appreciate many things that I see, and I can start loving what enables our eyes, ears, (and ... soul ?) to feel beauty, to feel and 'touch' what other times were like!! So much pleasure I had going through the Netherlandish artists !! I am sure I will soon come back, to go on learning and spending hours of admiration in front of my screen !! Plans to learn about the Classical painters... And the company of the playing music is so good. Sincere thanks indeed for having put all theses Works within our reach. Francois-Miguel Sourd, 48, France.

Francois-Miguel Sourd
Caen, Basse-Normandie, FRANCE
July 1, 2008


Carlos Eduardo Pimentel,
srasilantos, sao paulo, brasil
June 30, 2008

J'étudie l'histoire de l'art, et la WGA est ma bible ! Merci à ceux qui l'ont créée et qui la font vivre. Les photos sont de belle qualité et les commentaires très intéressants.

Paris, France
June 28, 2008

I was informed about this site today and it made me happier. It is an excellent work. Congratulations.

Antonio R Batista,
Campinas, SP, Brazil
June 28, 2008

Superbe! Superbe!

r.j , r.j, brasil
June 28, 2008

Where do you go during the summer vacation? I go to Barcelona. Who goes to Barcelona yet?

richard bown
, Germany, Germany
June 27, 2008

The most colpletly site I've ever browse. Congratulations.

Giorgio Gadoni,
Roma, ++++++++++++++, Italy
June 27, 2008

This inspires me to do this kind of paintings. As i'm also a artist i'm glad to tell that u'll have the good collection of the art. plz store this kind of artwork for the next generation.

Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh, INDIA
June 26, 2008

Exellent! This is a very nice site, especially for me that I'm teaching in a primary school. BRAVO! Excelente! Una página super util y muy bonita. De verdad es una de las mas bonitas que tengo guardadas!

Panagiotis of Mani,
Hemoupolis, Cyclades, Greece
June 25, 2008

I have not seen your site from the begening to the end and I dont know who are you. However I begin an origninal work on Philip Wouverman and I have found photos of the most important interest on this artist. About painting, I think that most of the peoples never see well what the painter painted, and I hope to prove this with Wouverman, (and some others painters). I wrote last week to the general manager of a museum owning Wouverman painting to explain him muy point of view. I wait for an awnser, will it come ? As my point of view is not orthodox I am not sure to obtain an awnser. Antoine Ranc

Antoine Ranc,
Quissac, France
June 24, 2008

I am glad I found this site.Very informative and well maintained.Thank you Gabor Mezei

Gabor Paul Mezei,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 24, 2008

Simply lovely, the most colpletly site I've ever browse. Congratulations.

Beatriz Cavé Rainho,
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
June 24, 2008

Stopping by to say hello!

Jami Nydegger,
Hampton Bays, NY, USA
June 23, 2008

What a great web site you have! Thank you!

Heli Kaunismäki,
Ilmajoki, Finland
June 23, 2008

These are very excellent pictures. They're also educational and amazing. Thank you for your work on this website.

John Webster,
Winchester, New Hampshire, USA
June 22, 2008


June 19, 2008

Soy una artista antropóloga y plástica uruguaya. Preparo mi tesis y trabajo en arte digital y nuevas formas de arte no formal. Este sitio ma ayuda en eso congratulations bye M

Montevideo, -----------, URUGUAY
June 18, 2008

Congratulations, it's a great, useful and beautiful site. I love it!

Olaya Balcells,
Santiago, - - -, Chile
June 17, 2008

I found gold in mine, just like this i found the art gallery in this link.

Santosh Suwarnkar,
Pune, Maharashtra, India
June 17, 2008

This is the best site that I open in the last years. Absolutely marvelous. We can find all things that are relevant about art and artists of all period of history.

Elisabete Cozer,
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
June 17, 2008

This is a great website. I use it a lot for my studies in Economics and management of the cultural goods and for personal interest as well. I think a site like this should emphasize a constant and complete update and research of the information that it contains. Congratulations.

Jonathan Koupermann,
Milan, Italy
June 12, 2008

Great site! If you need to relax, please contact me!

Steve Taylor,
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
June 11, 2008

This site is very useful for me to visit famous museums in other countries all over the world, thank you!!

June 11, 2008

I have used Artcyclopedia extensively in the last two years and just discovered your excellent site a few days ago. So happy I did, for I find your work outstanding; thank you for the quality effort you make to enligthen art lovers like myself; I look forward to using your site frequently in the future. With appreciation and best wishes

James Fred Woolard,
Hollywood, FL, USA
June 10, 2008

As a great admirer of painting (especially Italian) I am very grateful to all the authors of this marvellous gallery for creating so magnificent opera knowing how difficult task it was. POLAND 7 June 2008

Janiszowski Józef,
June 7, 2008

Hi, How can I add my webb? Please let me know regulations about it. Sicerely, Hasan Erdemir

Hasan Erdemir,
Stockholm, Sweden
June 6, 2008

Great website! I love it.. :)

Sn Fdo, Pampanga, Philippines
June 6, 2008

I stumbled upon your site while I was searching for information on Jan van Eyck and I found much, much more! I can say without reservation that this is one of the single most useful websites I've ever seen. Keep up the good, thorough work! Regards, S.

Scott Vande Kraats
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
June 5, 2008

Very nice Webseite.

Zahnarzt Berlin,
Beispiel-Stadt, Berlin, Germany
June 5, 2008

Thank you for opening my eyes to Jan van Eyck. These are miracles as well as masterpieces. Wow!!

Sandy Abdo,
rochester, n.y., usa
June 5, 2008

We recently returned from a 2 week tour of Italy and many outstanding museums, galleries, basilicas and cathedrals. This site has helped us "remember" all the beautiful art that we saw but could not take pictures of. This is a GREAT resource - thank you so much for your efforts to bring it to the public!

Concord, NC, USA
June 5, 2008

I HIGHLY appreciate this resource! It helped me develop a presentation, and I just is of utmost usefulness.

Tacoma, WA, USA
June 5, 2008

What you have done is really incredible! Thank you very much for this opportunity of viewing all world masterpieces!

Irakli Tskhvediani,
Kutaisi, Imereti, Republic of Georgia
June 4, 2008

Respect to webmaster Mega!!!


June 4, 2008

è stata una piacevolissima scoperta tanto casuale quanto molto apprezzata. una organizzazione della materia da prendere ad esempio per altre iniziative del genere. bravi e go on!

sergio ledda,
genova, italy
June 2, 2008

Very nice site, just found it and will continue to look around and take tours! Thank you!

Roxanne Hancock
, Pennsylvania, USA
June 2, 2008

graag had ik mijn huis geschilderd in een speciale struktuur maar wel rechtstreeks op het plaasterwerk zo dat je die ligte niveauverschillen niet ziet dank bij voorbaat

christ demeyere,
ingelmunster, belgie
June 2, 2008

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