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Very nice to see the works of Vermeer on your web page. Do you know someplace I could procure prints of his paintings? -srikanth

V. Srikanth,
Carrboro, NC, USA
December 31, 1997

very interesting but would appreciate more information about Sta Cecilia and Pietro Cavallini's works.Thank you anyway!

, italy
December 28, 1997

In my pursuit of interior design, I have found your art collection most rewarding!! Thank you !

Tabithah Chaney,
Princeton, Idaho, United States
December 27, 1997

I think it's great that there is a "site" dedicated to this great piece of art known as "The Sistine Chapel". I think you're doing a great job with this page. Kudos to you. Sincerely, Rigo Vega Jr. ?:)

mcallen, texas, u.s.a.
December 27, 1997

I second the motion to have detailed close-ups of Camera degli Sposi and of Sala dei Giganti. After spending 3 months in Florence studying Art History, I really missed all the frescoes and being surrounded by masterpieces wherever I went, so this site has comforted my longing to view them again (without the cost of airfare). It would be more complete however with diagrams or explanations of how Brunelleschi designed his Duomo. I spent hours on the Assisi site alone because I was so happy to find it. Bravo!

Jennifer Lonnes,
Denver, CO, USA
December 26, 1997

We fell in love with the work of Antonella da Messina when we were at the Prado. Want to see more.

Harvey & Bonnie Goldman, HARVBON@AOL.COM
Laguna Niguel, Ca, U.S.A.
December 25, 1997

I loved reading this article! I am doing a school project on the Sistine Chapel and the pictures really helped. The information I got from here was really interesting. Thank you very much!

Genni Adamek
Victoria, B.C., Canada
December 24, 1997

Found you on an Excite search, while looking for origins of the concept of "Seven Deadly Sins" The JPEG graphic will help. Thanks!

Bill Matthews,
Dallas, Texas, USA
December 19, 1997

Your pages helped me with a Term paper in Spanish3 on Art thanks

Mark,, none
Sykesville, MD, USA
December 19, 1997

Un grand merci pour toutes ces superbes reproductions! Je reviendrai vous voir souvent !

Jean-Pierre BROCHIER,
Saint Zacharie, FRANCE
December 18, 1997

great job, maybe you should try getting some close ups so the person can click on it and get a closer look on it's beauty

iceman, bennedetto
prov, ri, us
December 17, 1997

Do you think it will be possible to have Mantegna's "Camera degli Sposi" ? Anyway, thank you for all these beatiful pictures!

Olivia Meneghetti,
Lugano, Switzerland
December 17, 1997

Now I'm looking for some pieces about gothic design in Internet. I hope this page could help me. Thanks.

Jozef A. Niznansky,
Bratislava, Slovakia
December 16, 1997

I am just writing a short essay on Rafhael. This is most helpful site of all the world. Thanks!

Tokyo, Japan
December 16, 1997

Eu fiquei muito impressionado e grato com a brilhante iniciativa. Uma coisa necessária neste vasto e algumas vezes inútil mundo da Internet!

Sérgio Leal Ferreira,
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil
December 15, 1997

Sarah, i miss italy and luca della robbia.

moira, moirainwa
seattle, washington, usa
December 12, 1997

I'm just getting started on my research into some family paintings we are trying to find information about. Records date them as being taken as collateral on a loan in the 1700s. Your website has been a wonderful place to start! Thanks for your work.

Linda Schaller,
Genoa, Illinois, U.S.A.
December 11, 1997


December 9, 1997

I'm looking for my Sluder family roots and was sent just the bottom part of the Well of Moses with the name Claus Sluter. Now I have found the rest of his work, Thanks to you. Do you or anybody out there have any info on his family, parents; wife or children? GOOD WORK!

Delores McDonaugh,
Kennett Square, PA, USA
December 9, 1997

I have never read a more delightful Vitae than that of Cellini. Has there ever been a Tv series on him or aa spicy movie that traces his peculiar and wonderful life? Although Michelangelo, in all his grace and glory, may have him on many aspects of historcal importance but there is no comparison to Cellini's flare and unresful zest for living.

Adrian Greenlaw,, sorry
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
December 9, 1997

Michelangelo is simply great.

Hõs Csilla,
Szonok, Hungary
December 6, 1997

Your page was extremely helpful!! I am doing a project for an Art History class and I got a lot info from your page. Thanks!

Christine Rogala,,
Erie, PA, USA
December 1, 1997

Your web is very incredible. One of the things more interesting in Internet

Adolfo Morrone,
Rome, Italy
November 26, 1997

I'm doing a project on Giotto's work in my world history class your web site was vey helpful!!

Laura Elizabeth Underhill,
Acworth, GA., United States
November 26, 1997

I spent a lots of time to know about Michelangelo's Moses. Finally,I got it at this web galary of art. Thank you very much for it. Web Gallerly of Art is best HomePage ever I saw.

Toda, Saitama, JAPAN
November 25, 1997

Thank you for creating this site. I am looking for art to create Christmas cards for our family. Looks like I can expand my thoughts to other seasons and reason. Peace.

Robert T. Lucas,
Cape Girardeau, MO, USA
November 24, 1997

A great collection of arts! But how come Munkacsy Mihaly was left out? Would like to see his work on the Web!

E.R.Balogh, EdieB28
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
November 23, 1997

Thank-you for your information on Masaccio.

Laurie Urajnik,
S.S.M, ON, Canada
November 23, 1997

I'm interested in the surname Riemenschneider and 'am very in the life of Tilman Riemenschneider. So I've been looking up what ever information I can find on him.

JoAnn Riemenschneider Bogard,
State Center, Iowa, USA
November 22, 1997

I am doing continued research on Queen Jane Seymour, third consort of Henry VIII about whom I am writing a book. I am also interested in a complete geneology of the present Duke of Somerset who holds the title given to the family in the Tudor Century.

Dr. Pamela M. Gross,, Adams State College
Alamosa, Colorado, USA
November 22, 1997

I am very interested in finding out about my family history. It was very exciting to discover that my name is famous. If anyone can e-mail me with futher information I would very much appreciate it.

Lyndere Mazarin,
Boca Raton, Florida, USA
November 21, 1997


Kazuro Nishida,,
Nagaokakyo, Kyoto, Japan
November 21, 1997

Excellent work! Thanks for creating it.

Giny Vonhauser,
Budapest, Hungary
November 20, 1997

It is a wonderful collection! Congratulations! With best wishes: Bobby

Ehrenberger Róbert
Budapest, Hungary
November 20, 1997

Really good info, Thanks fellas, Marc

Van den Winckel Marc
Brussels, Belgium
November 20, 1997

Iwould like to thank you for this web. it´s a bookmark´s one

arturo garcia,
mexico, distrito federal, Mexico
November 19, 1997

Great pages you've got here!!!

nina eggens,
groningen, the netherlands
November 19, 1997


November 18, 1997

As a student of Renaissance portraiture I would appreciate any information you may have on Ugolino Martelli or Niccolo Ardinghelli. Regards Terry

Terrence J.Carroll,
Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
November 18, 1997

Thank You ever so much for the brilliant info !

Anders &Katarina,
Hellvi, Gotland, Sweden
November 17, 1997

Very useful and heartening to find intellectual material available on the web as well as porn, film crap and home shopping. I shall be using the site a lot. Bye Hugh F Mooney

Hugh F Mooney,
Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
November 17, 1997

I was at the Capella Degli Scrovegni last Tuesday (11-11) but found your web site just as informative. Congratulations on on an unbelievable job.

Janet Doeden
New York, New York
November 17, 1997

I think your site is terrific ! I had a feast with the flowers of Ast,Balthasar van der. Aymon de sales

aymon de sales,,
new york, new york, u.s.a.
November 15, 1997

I came in for my conformation name

Lindsay K., Lyndsy1635
, Ohio, U.S.A
November 15, 1997

This is really cool. We really enjoyed the awesome graphics. We have but one simple question. Do you really believe that the Mona Lisa is a self portait of Leonardo himself as a woman?

Suzie and Melissa and Fred C.,, don't have one
Plamondon, Alberta, Canada
November 14, 1997

Beautiful presentation. I would love to visit the Sistine Chapel some day.

Carol Cowan
Rochester, New, York
November 14, 1997

This si almost as good as a trip to Parma. Bravo!

Stuart Waldenberg,
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
November 14, 1997

Does anybody know how I could get informations about Ercole Roberti's life? It would be very useful to me.

Rudy Le Mentheour,
Paris, France
November 13, 1997


Manstretta Danilo,
Pavia, ITALY
November 13, 1997

Nice work, but I would like to be able to 'zoom' into details of the pictures on show.

Henk van der Eijk
Utrecht, The Netherlands
November 12, 1997

Gaal gergely

November 12, 1997

Very well put together

Eric Lynes,,
Charleston, SC, USA
November 12, 1997

Great page! I found it while searching for information on Brunelleschi for a project at school. However, i can't find any pictures of The Dome that Brunelleschi designed. Maybe you consider adding some to your collection of Brunneleschi's art.

Danielle Gahr,, ?
Jacksonville, Oregon, USA
November 12, 1997

Thank you for the nice visit in the a splendid site!

Linda Mireault,, n/a
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
November 10, 1997

It's great,thank you very much.

Sydney Sundheim,, More Yahoo
Santa Rosa, CA, USA
November 7, 1997

I did not know of this Prodigal Son; I just knew the oil painting that is at the Hermitage Museum. Thanks for sharing this "obra prima" with us.

Diogo Vilas-Boas,
Washington, DC, USA
November 7, 1997

Giny Vonhauser,,
Budapest, Hungary
November 6, 1997

what a brilliant site!Very useful for poor students in history of art like me!

Le Mentheour,
paris, france
November 6, 1997

great work!

Paolo Micheletti,
Genova, Italy
November 6, 1997

what a wonderful web page very well done.

kathryn doty, kdoty76336
barrington, il, usa
November 6, 1997

kathryn doty

November 6, 1997

thank you so much for this web site! it was a lifesaver. i enjoyed it thoroughly!!!! it is a great web site. keep up the good work.

bonny stanton,
gulf shores, al, united states
November 5, 1997

Thanks to improve the knowledge of european art on internet. Very good pictures. I'm a student in history of art and I want to remember everybody to visit museums and to have a direct contact with every art work.

Luciano Pala,
Trescore Balneario, Bg, Italy
November 4, 1997

Your site is excellent and my only regret is that I did not earlier recognize Tiziano as Titian! Thanks for putting your work on the Web for the benefit of everyone.

Howard Sauertieg,,
Carlisle, PA, USA
November 3, 1997

Nagyon tetszett Krén úr előadása a Hungarodidact '97 kiállításon október 29-én. Nagyon örültem, hogy felhívta a figyelmemet erre az érdekes és értékes műre. Rendkívűl kellemes kikapcsolódást nyújtott. Gratulálok a szerzőknek.

Éder Zoltán,
Budapest, Hungary
October 30, 1997

Excellent format and style. Very Informative and entertaining. The amount of detail and educational value is appreciated and is evident of the hard work that you put into this project. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Nick Jones,
Ft Walton Beach, FL, USA
October 28, 1997

Very very good!!! Thak you for your work!

Carlo Giacchč,
Perugia, Umbria, Italy
October 17, 1997

It is really excellent

Miklos Naaray, Miklos-Naray
Budapest, Hungary
October 16, 1997

truly great!

Monica LeBlanc,
Merrimack, NH, USA
October 15, 1997

Very Cool !

Adam L. Colclesser,
Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
October 13, 1997

I love it

Jeanette Dickson,
New York, NY, USA
October 11, 1997

Great Work!

Vincenzo Campagna,
Philadelphia, PA, USA
October 9, 1997

Awesome pics! The info here helped me with an analysis on the Last Judgement. If you are interested in it, let me know.

Charlie Floyd,
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
October 9, 1997

Excellent showing. I am interested in any imformation on print reproductions of the panel The fall of Adam& Eve. Thank You

Patrick J. Porter,, none
Flushing, N.Y. , U.S.A.
October 9, 1997

Very nice!

Sarah K. Ryan,,
Los Angeles, California, United States
October 9, 1997

Bravo ! Votre site est absolument remarquable. Pour accompagner mes recherches historiques, vous nous offrez une iconographie de la plus grande qualité. Nous attendons la suite ... avec impatience.

October 5, 1997

This is a charming site, and it keeps getting better. Thanks for all the effort you put into excellence.

Pat Thiel,
Hayward, California, USA
October 5, 1997

Very nice; a good educational tool! Thanks for creating it.

Susan Windley,
St. Paul, MN, USA
October 1, 1997

Thank you very much. I enjoyed the information that I was able to obtain.

Tania ,
Fort Myers, Florida, USA
October 1, 1997


silvana brandolin,
gorizia, italy, italy
September 27, 1997

very goud!!!!!

Luis Romagni,, 15355SW 43 Ln.
Miami, Florida, USA
September 27, 1997

Thank you for your effort to spred the Europen culture round the World

attila kovarfi,
sydney, nsw, australia
September 21, 1997

Congratulations for the Web Gallery Of Art. Do you know where I can get books about Carlo Crivelli and Hans Baldung Grien with the complete catalogue of their masterpieces. Thank you and be sure I am going to be a fan of your virtual gallery

September 19, 1997

Great site! :) Thank you so much!

Matthew Korich,
Northridge, CA, USA
September 18, 1997

I am looking for the Annunciation panel of the Isenheim Altarpiece.But thank you for what you have.

William P. Welther,
Blue Bell, PA, United States
September 13, 1997

I am writing a paper on Rogier van der Weyden. All information is welcome!

van der stappen,
hengelo, holland
September 7, 1997

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