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While researching a paper one night I wanted to see a plate of a Paolo Veronese work, but the library was closed. I did a quick web search and stumbled upon this excellent site. Serendipitous! the wealth of many books, instantly searchable and available anytime.

Leo Lane,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
March 30, 1999

Your art work looks wonderful. Could I please have a catalog? Thank you.

Barry Richards, richardsbarry@hotmail, 1627 14th st. #23
Tell City, In., usa.
March 30, 1999

I very much enjoyed this sight. I plan to use it with my elementary students, so that they can see this lovely gallery. Thank you.

Sue Gilhooley,
Lakewood, CA, USA
March 30, 1999

What a fantastic on line resource for those of us who cann not devote the time to spend in a library! This is an exceptional overview of some important artists of in planet earths history. Maybe some time late in my life I will be lucky enought to be included in these pages!

John Sherman Lathram lll, jlathram@aol.coom, http://memebers,
Columbus, Hio , 43211
March 30, 1999

What a beautiful gallery! I was hoping to find *something* about St. George & the Dragon, and was taken completely by surprise to find so many images, easily viewed together and separately, with fine detail as well as full distance available - and even the option (which I have happily taken up) of sending postcards! You can be sure I will return here often, both for research and sheer pleasure. Thank you!

Dorothy Koval,
Lake Elmore, VT, USA
March 30, 1999

This has been most helpful in finding sculpture!! Thanks for the easy navigation and especially the pics and details.

Nicole Allan, pntwitch66@AOL
Birmingham, AL, USA
March 29, 1999

Efrain Cordero,
San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA
March 29, 1999

the sites you have on thesse artists are very nice ofr school projects. I ahd no clue who Lorenzo Ghiberti was then as soon as I found your site I immediatly read a summary on him and his work. Thanks!! =)

Kris Long,, n/a
Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
March 29, 1999

This is the mosg wonderful and complete website I have seen about a most extraordinary artist. I am going to Italy soon and will be travelling to Vinci. Thanks for the info!

AnnMarie Duarte,
Phoenix, AZ, United States
March 28, 1999

Very good search machine , but where are the actual paintings of the 20 th century ?

berlin, germany
March 28, 1999

Thank You so much for this AWESOME site ! I'm studying Art History at school and this has been a huge help. I'll definately be coming back later on ! Thanks again,Rebekah

Rebekah Nathan,
Hastings, New Zealand
March 28, 1999

One of the best web sites I have seen. Please could you add a site coming up to the present time. The Tate gallery , London is the only good modern site I have found.Brenda Lemin

Brenda lemin,
, England
March 27, 1999

Thank you so much for your time and effort on this website. It has helped me research for the art period I am extensively studying tremendously. Thank you!

Brittain Mylacraine,
Lilburn, Georgia, USA
March 26, 1999

Your website has helped me tremendously with my art research on an art period. The site is very well organized for easy access for information with an index and search area. Thanks... Maria

Maria Song, ULoveMaria@AOL.COM, n/a
Lilburn, Georgia, United States
March 26, 1999

I love your web site I mean its the best one I have ever seen.Hey why don`t we meet at lennox 111 st. and I will make it worth your while.

north hollywood, California
March 26, 1999

I love your web site I mean its the best one I have ever seen.Hey why don`t we meet and I will make it worth your while.

north hollywood, California
March 26, 1999

A marvelous and educational website. Thank you.

Brenda McCloud,, 407 Fuhr Street
Dennison, OH, USA
March 26, 1999

Marvellous picture gallery!!!!!

Robert Spruit,, none
's-Gravendeel, Netherlands
March 25, 1999

My name is Nikki, and i am part of the Ferrata family! My family was and still is pretty big in Italy. I was just looking through the web for anything on my family's history. I love looking at these things!

Nikki Ferrata,
shreveport, la, n.america
March 24, 1999

It's such a great and breathtaking surprise to visit your gorgeous, really outstanding site. I have immediately bookmarked it, it's one of my favourite sites and will be back again many times, for my own pleasure as well as because it's very helpful for my work. The images are just fantastics... Grazie!

Bologna, Italy
March 24, 1999

i reallly like this web site it is very interesting!

Amber Kolb,, HCCA
Goshen, ohio, United States
March 24, 1999


March 24, 1999

I like your page but when you need more info. for school projects this isn't really the site. Try to put nore info in here!!! Thanx!

Stephanie Sweller
Pheonix, NY, USA
March 24, 1999

I'm looking for any information available on painter C. ReVautier. Country of origin, circa, works, etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Bob Ashley,
Baton Rouge, LA, US
March 24, 1999

Found your information very helpful, but still searching for the artist that has painted a picture that I own. Thank you.

Darlene Lanza,
Key West, Florida, USA
March 23, 1999

Wonderful, beautiful website. I have bookmarked it, and will be back again many times. The quality of images is superb!

Mark E. Ballard,
Rochester, NY, USA
March 23, 1999

good staff.

Alois Pichler,
Bergen, Norway
March 23, 1999

thank you! thank you! What a great resource. I am putting a link to it on my page, as soon as I have time. I am spending too much time here........

Rick Tagg,,
arlington, va, usa
March 22, 1999

Very nice site. Well organized and lots of good images.

Michael Britigan,
Bloomington, MN, USA
March 22, 1999

HELLO!!! very cool to add the guestbook!!!!

Ellen Marit Haug,, ???
Hamar, Ringsaker, Norge
March 22, 1999

Thank you, your site is great. I'm only 14, but I am a big fan of art, especially Renaissance painters like Michelangelo. Your site has really helped me understand more about Michelangelo and his career.

Jennifer G.
Clark, NJ., US.
March 21, 1999

How impressive!! You are very talented and gracious to share your work with the Public. Thank-you for your time and effort.

Mary Hauer,
Phoenix, AZ, USA
March 21, 1999

I am so grateful for your site. Thank you so much! I teach 7th and 8th grade art, but a friend sent me this site. I think if looking at some of these holy images were a prayer, I'd be in heaven already! Thank you once again.

, Vermont, U.S.A.
March 21, 1999

Heel mooi wat jullie aan diensten bieden. En een mooie collectie pictures.

Peter Hunink,, www.
Krimpen aan de IJssel, Nederland
March 21, 1999

I just wanted to look Bernini's David, but I met a great site about art.Thanks alot for this proffesional and painstaking work!

Izmýr, Turkey
March 20, 1999

Your site is very beautiful and a very great resource. Thank you.

Paolo Custodi,
Fara Novarese, Italy
March 20, 1999

You have a fantastically valuable site! You are to be complimented for all the extensive hard work!

Herbert L. Camburn,
Long Beach, California, USA
March 20, 1999

Thanks for this site and all the effort put forth in producing it.

R. Sinks,
Dayton, OH, USA
March 19, 1999

This is a great site, and a great service to all art lovers. I'd say "Nagyon szépen köszönöm" if I knew any Hungarian...

Alfred Verstreken,
Santa Bárbara, CA, USA
March 19, 1999


Joseph G, Borja,,
cebu, cebu, philippines
March 19, 1999

Excellent! A great help to my research!

Justin V. Cole,
Lexington, VA, USA
March 19, 1999

thanks for all the help in picking my humanities paper subject

Amber Dollands,
wk, ri, usa
March 18, 1999

Muy interesante su exposición. sobre todo de un antepasado mio.

Miguel Sánchez Montañez,
Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
March 17, 1999

A breathtaking experience !

georges dsouza,
Berne, Switzerland
March 17, 1999

This site is great!! Thanks!

Vajna Zoltán,
Paks, HUN
March 17, 1999

A truly great site, I had to write a paper on Bernini and I found all the info I needed plus the picthures. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Nathan Johnson,
March 17, 1999

Stunning quality images, but such small files - how DO you do it? I'm mightily impressed. Makes me very embarassed at the quality of images on my site of medieval woodcuts, although they are on paper to start with... Thanks so much for providing such a fabulous resource. Links to other similar sites would be nice...

Kat Black,,
Sydney, NSW, Australia
March 17, 1999

Thanks so much for doing this web page b/c it really helped me out for my school project. Thanks!

Julie Winn,
Jenison, MI, USA
March 17, 1999

Giving everybody access to works of art is a wonderful gift, and is much appreciated.

Gemma Swinard,, N/A
Tallahassee, Florida, USA
March 16, 1999

I think you should have some artist finish the painting of the Saint Jerome thank you Heather L Zumwalt

Heather Zumwalt,
Mt.Olive, IL, United States
March 16, 1999

All was very intresting. please send me your web page.

edgar de sousa,, 700 douglas dr.
cherry hill, nj, usa
March 16, 1999

I am a painter and a college instructor. Great website. I have recommended it to my students. Thanks.....

Faye Earnest,,
Enterprise, Alabama, USA
March 15, 1999

this was a great site to do my homework. THANKS!!! now i can write a longer report.

,, oh,, usa
March 15, 1999

whoa! better than going to the Art Institute...and to see all this while sitting in one place..although i'm not through yet. i'll be back. keep up the great work.

Chicago, IL, USA
March 15, 1999

As I am only aa beginner on Internet, I was surprised to get an art postcard from my brother in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Thanks for your good work. Fr. Joe Borg

Rev. Joseph A. Borg,
Victoria, Gozo, Malta
March 14, 1999

Cool web page

Evanston, Wyoming, USA
March 14, 1999

Parabéns. Este site é ótimo! Ele está sendo maravilhoso para minhas pesquisas.

Roberta Favá,,
São Paulo, São Paulo, BRASIL
March 14, 1999

This is a great site!

Barbara alexander,
youngstown, ohio, united states
March 13, 1999

I'm new to art, but is great and the only time I'll get to see it.

March 13, 1999

Great to see others out there whom appreciate Bosch's work - it's difficuilt for me to believe that someone had such a talent for graphic depiction and imagination so long ago ! Steve

Steve Fenton,
Inverurie, Scotland
March 12, 1999

hello my name is roger pressnell. i work in athens al. for athens service & engineering co. my boss is Herb Hale, to my astonishment he took me into his office and showed me a painting by nicolaes maes. he also said it was given to him by a relative. This is why i visited your site.the title of the painting is "Asking a Blessing". he doesn't know much about it. he wanted to know if i'd help, i thouht maybe you could. Thanks,roger

roger pressnell,
athens, al, us
March 12, 1999

Wonderful. I've never seen a website solely dedicated to Jan Vermeer. I've been a fan of his work for years yet I have never seen so much of his work. Good job.

New York, New York, USA
March 12, 1999

I've enjoyed you're web very much. Very well organised. I was looking for The peasant wedding by Brueghel and have managed it much easier through your web than the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Wien. Good luck! Sandra

Sandra Martorell,
Empúriabrava, Spain
March 12, 1999

I had a really hard time finding this!!!!

March 11, 1999

hey what's up

Cassie Burns,, none

March 10, 1999

Thanks for the help, now I can get my research report done.

, IL, usa
March 10, 1999

I am a painter who has decided to study master works (copy) - have looked all over the place - exhausted every bookstore and library to find de Heem and/or any other Flemish Baroque painter of still lives - was elated to see that at least I can find images on internet - at least they are alive and well in cyberspace! Thanks.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
March 10, 1999

Thanks for actually showing the outside of the sistine chappel and using text to explain instead of just using the pictures. What source were you using? If you have any updates let me know. Thanks again

Dave Gaston,

March 10, 1999


March 10, 1999

I was looking for Duccio di Buoninsegna,my favourite painter and I have found so much more here ! Thanks a lot mister Kren and mister Marx

Bertrand Vandevelde,,
Mouscron, Belgium
March 9, 1999

your page sucks! i wanted info on a uni project, and got NONE!!!! thanks lot


March 9, 1999

Very good work done. Bravo!!!!!!!

Haris Haralambous,,
Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus
March 9, 1999

Enjoyed the St. Mark!

Eunice Hofmeyer,
Des Moines, Ia., USA
March 9, 1999

I have a old print of this engraving and would like to find out more. Jerry Bybee Erin Tenn, (931)-289-4071

Jerry Bybee, Houston co.Library.Tenn,, Library
Erin, Tenn, Houston
March 8, 1999

...A very Goood place to be framed in!

Franz Nitschke,
Copenhagen, Denmark
March 8, 1999

Very enjoyable! Thanks for putting the time a effort into it!

Rebecca Fish,
bertram, texas, usa
March 8, 1999

Thank you for your great site and for all the good work you did!!!! Eleonora

Eleonora Granato,,
, Italy
March 6, 1999


March 6, 1999

Great Site

Amanda Sterling,
Auckland, New Zealand
March 6, 1999

your pictures suck!!!

bevias, mty
hyland, texas
March 5, 1999

I managed to find all the pictures of Vermeer I really like. Thanks!

Bosu Nathalie,
coventry, England
March 5, 1999

As a senior citizen I can honestly say, I've never seen so much in so little time and so easily. You have a lovely presentation and the postcards are an art lovers dream. Thank you, I haven't finished my eyes ran out of time..

virginia quezada,, mediaone
southfield, mi, usa
March 5, 1999

Excellent pictures of Pieter Breughel. This is like the only web site with so many of his paintings. Thanks.

clayton showman,, altavista
orange park, Fl, USA
March 5, 1999

It helped me in a research project Thanx

Ben Holtzendorff,
weiiirrrddd, California, Duhh The US of A
March 5, 1999

I love your site. It will help me with my art appreciation class in college. Thank you, Karen Mott

Karen Mott,
winchester, tn, usa
March 4, 1999

Thank You for a great site. As a youngster i always had an interest inrenaissance art. Having come to the net about 2 years ago at (age52) I've been given a chance to persue my interests. Your site is beyond words.I cannot find enough to express my gratitude. Thank you, may God Bless you, very truly pete scavone pete

pete scavone,,
paterson, nj, USA
March 4, 1999

I finally found sculpture by Bernini!

Verona, None, None
Astoria, Oregon, USA
March 4, 1999

I think The Massacre of the Innocents is a very interesting, and fulfiling piece of art work.

Da Trippa, Don't have one, Don't have one
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
March 3, 1999

thanks so much your site gave me alot of pictures and info for my school assignment.THANKS!!!!!!!!

fizz, the kern county library
Taft, CA, usa
March 3, 1999

I think it's great that you made this website. I am a first year student at the Colorado Institute of Art, we have a History of Architecture class, this website has helped me to finish my notebook with the help of your pictures!!! THANKS A LOT!!!

Denver, Colorado, USA
March 3, 1999

Veramente bela galleria di immagini, un gran lavoro! Bravi!In quanto a notizie sugli artisti e sulle lore opere siete veramente troppo scolastici.Lasciatevelo dire da chi vive nella culla del Rinascimento, e da un Paese dove si mastica pane e creatività : i vostri commenti e le vostre note sono limitate a manualetti divulgativi per sudenti liceali all'estero (e non fatti in Italia). Non è per campanilismo, accettate dei suggerimenti! CIAO CIAO

Emilia Lavinia, w
Vergiate, Varese, Italy
March 2, 1999

I was looking for the painting St. Jerome, and i saw your page. I clicked on in, and I was so happy that you had it! Not only was it in color, but it was LARGE too! Thank you so much and keep up the great work!!!!;)

, California, USA
March 2, 1999

The best website that I have found to date on 15th and 16th century Italian art. Thanks a bunch for making this possible.

John Walsh,
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
March 2, 1999

i think that in this website u should have more Info and not ictures, like why he painted it and how long it took and More Info!!!!!! not juat pictures!!!!!

Clifton Park, NY, USA
March 2, 1999

Nice to see Dossi geting some positive attention after all the years of neglect.

Dr. George F. Luteri,
Mt. Prospect , IL, USA
March 2, 1999

Simply astounding!

Geff Blenkinsopp,
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
March 1, 1999

Being Flemish it was a great pleasure to see some of Pieter Brughels wonderful art. He has a lot more work. Maybe we could have a look at some of his other great works at a later date. Thank you very much.

Fred Thomaes,
Chatham, Ontario, Canada
March 1, 1999

That's cool

Felipe Bigas ( Brazil, 1999),, i don't have

March 1, 1999

Tipp City, OH, USA
February 28, 1999

Hello and THANKS to Emil and Daniel for this site. Teaching art, this has become an EXCELLENT source for me and my students. What would we do without it? So many things are here that cannot be found elsewhere!!! Wonderful that some people make excellent material available for others - without any immediate returns (none, I suppose...:-) Hopefully you'll keep going.... Thanks again, Yo

Johannes Kiessling,,
Oehringen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
February 28, 1999

Hello, DaVinci's Last Supper as a snow sculpture is featured on my site (listed above) created in 1994, as well as a score of other snow sculptures :) :D - Helioforge Creations

Pete W Storonskij,,
Lincoln, NE, USA
February 28, 1999

A very nice page.

Evelyn Nethken Davis,
Kingston, Tn, Usa
February 27, 1999

Reproductions are very beautyfull and evident.The initiative is commendable

Sabino Leghissa,
Busto Arsizio, Italy
February 27, 1999

GREAT JOB HON!!!!!!!!!!!!!~Nichole Heilman

jyfthg, ktjyrfmuj

February 27, 1999

Nice scene

David Seghers,
new orleans, la, usa
February 27, 1999

The art work is unbelivable and I wish I could see it in person sometime. It is hard to believe that one person could do something like that in only four short years.

Erin Carle, GCarke1@AOL.COM
Robertsville, Missouri, U.S.A.
February 27, 1999

Erin Carle

February 27, 1999

I have just discovered your marvellous website and i am exploring it. I will send you later my impressionas. thank you, beste regards Robert

Spruit Robert,, none
's-gravendeel, netherlands, Netherlands
February 26, 1999

I like the pictures. Please add more. It would make it more interesting.


February 26, 1999

Trully a wonderful reference of fantastic Art. Thankyou hardly seems sufficient!

Margaretta Lorman-Hall,
Ely, Cambridgeshire, ENGLAND
February 26, 1999

you need to have facts about him

misti deboer
nashville, tn, usa
February 26, 1999

This site was very informative, but I would have liked comments on the art. It would have been very helpful to students.

Jennifer Olson,
Chicago, Il, USA
February 26, 1999

Surely this is what web sites should be. I came looking for sculpture and what I found, besides great sculpture, was wonderful photography, easily viewable. Such a treat! EEK

Einar E. Kvaran,
Ypsilanti, MI, USA
February 26, 1999

Your page is wonderful. Thanks for helping me with my paper I had to write for Italian

Sarah Brooks, SPY10297
Vineland, N.J., U.S.A.
February 25, 1999

Thanx 4 help with our project and wasting time in boring lessons.

Katy and Catherine
Manchester, England
February 25, 1999

Briefing myself before viewing the DeHooch showing at Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford. It was very helpful. I will not go in a stranger. Thank you for the pleasure.

Helen Powers,
Rocky Hill, CT, USA
February 25, 1999

I have enjoyed visiting the Vatican if only through the internet. God has certainly blessed the artists who created the wondrous works of art and literature housed within the walls of Vatican City. I thank God for letting me see them...bless you all!

Amelia Lennon,
Sebastian, Florida, U.S.A.
February 25, 1999

My school is embarking on utilizing computer technology in all of our grades and classes. This seems like a very promising site for me to use in my art classes not only for art appreciation but as a tool to help show use of color, composition, and style among other elements...Thanks.

Salli Folino,
Wilcox, PA, USA
February 25, 1999

Hi! I was looking for informations about Ambrogio Lorenzetti and more particularly about the fresco "Good Government" and I found your site which is pleasant,clear and well documented. So thanks

Paris, France
February 24, 1999

I "LOVE" the Sistine Chapel as I got married there! The Chapel was brillient and I was very pleased!


February 24, 1999

thank you so much!! I couldn't find anything on Giotto for my school project!! This is a VERY useful website!!

gretchen keillor
springfield, missouri, u.s.a.
February 24, 1999

Great website!

Los Angeles, CA, USA
February 24, 1999

My comment would be that you should have a web page on other great artists such as Leonardo Da vinci,Michelangelo, and also Rapheal with also there pictures.

Matthew Olberg
Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, Canada
February 24, 1999

My comment would be that you should have a web page on other great artists such as Leonardo Da vinci,Michelangelo, and also Rapheal with also there pictures.

Matthew Olberg
Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, Canada
February 24, 1999

I need a lot of information of Saing Cecilia for my confirmation, and I don't know where to go and look for it. It's kinda short notice on this, but I have to have it by tomorrow evening in a report format. Any suggestions on where to look would be greatly appreciated. Please write me back at my email address. Thank you--------Christy

Christy Hebert,
February 24, 1999

I helped start an Art Appreciation program at our elementary school and your site has been such a huge help! I rely on it regularly for research information to share with all of our volunteer Moms and to enrich the information packets we keep on each print we buy from the Art Institute of Chicago. Thanks and please...keep up the good work!

Chris Fregeau
Chicago, IL, USA
February 23, 1999

Thank heavens, i have finally found an art websight that is easy to use, and has the selection I am looking for

Christy M. Miller,
Delta, Colorado, USA
February 23, 1999

It's very good to have the opportunity to see all these paintings without go out from home. Thank you.

Rosemeire Bertolini Lorimer,,

February 23, 1999

+ Us prositutes love your art work.

Los Angeles, California, US
February 23, 1999

Our teacher told us to go into this site and I thought it would be boring but it is really neat!! All of my friends except one thinks that it is boring. We had to get out of the Sistine Chapel part because the boys in our class were acting up about the nude pictures. Bye. Stacy

Stacy Jackson,
Centralia, Illinois, U.S.A.
February 23, 1999

nice information. Thanks

John Dunne ,
Cocca Beach, FL, USA
February 23, 1999

Awesome site! This makes teaching art much easier, but I wish you would start another site that extends from 1700 to contemporary. I am highly impressed--keep up the good work! George

George Anthony Popovich,
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA
February 23, 1999

Enjoy the picture of the salt cellar am a collector myself but never seen anything as nice as that is thank you for sharing it

Thomas C. Lindale,
Camden, De., U.S.A.
February 23, 1999

good for school.very useful because im in 6th art school is gifted.

no can do, no can do,
Brooklyn, NY, US
February 23, 1999

there was a lot of pic whic hwas helpfull but not A LOT of info on Rafeal and his childhood which i needed the bio u have on him is the same as the other three sites i visted it would be nice if i could find soon what i needed

angela tretter
st. louis, mo, usa
February 22, 1999

Thank you very much for your website on Diego. God Bless!

Lisa Galvez,, none
Clayton, CA, El Salvador
February 22, 1999

Thank you so much. You are so awesome. I really needed this information.

Stephanie S.
Lowell, IN, US
February 22, 1999

We are looking forward to visiting the Vatican again - this time we are taking my mother-in-law. Being Italian and Catholic it really was rewarding to see the look on my husband's face (American/Catholic) to see the Vatican. I have never felt so humbled as I do when I stood inside the Vatican. It is truly a blessing !!!!!

Susi Helm,
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
February 22, 1999

Thank you for your efforts in making such a great resource. The postcard section, in particular was great. I'll be back.

Daddy-o, confidential, huh?
santa ana, ca, usa
February 21, 1999

I appreciate all the effort you put into making this so very informative and beautiful.

Sara Sue Cochran,
Pullman, Wa, usa
February 21, 1999

Dear E. Kren & D. Marx, Have used your page as a source for a research assignment on Ghiberti and the Gates of Paradise on the Baptistry. Thanks it gave me all that was needed and I received a high distinction...Thanks once again. If you have or know of any other sites on this subject it would be most appreciated if you could e-mail pass them on. Thanks for your time. L. Simpson

L Simpson,
Sydney, NSW, Australia
February 21, 1999

thanks for a wonderful website...i'm taking history of western civil. art, part 2...your information and images on the Arena Chapel are a great supplement to text/lecture..thank you again! brenda

brenda, bielke,
boise, id, usa
February 21, 1999

Obrigado por nos oferecer tanta beleza!!!! Thank you for offerting us all that Beauty!

Ulisses Infante,
Socorro, SP, Brazil
February 21, 1999

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to see the Rembrandt pictures. I sent you an e-mail too.

Suzette Blank,
Clearwater, Florida, USA
February 20, 1999

thank you for this very helpful sight. I'm diong a project for school, and you were the only sight that I went to that included the whole picture of 'La Primavera'. Thank's


February 20, 1999

Beautiful work! Very helpful in preparing a report. Thank you.

Joe and Andy St.Hilaire,
Bellingham, WA, USA
February 20, 1999

You reallly need to add some more artists to this page, like vincent vangogh, daVinci, michealangelo, and all the other great artists. i'm really disappointed that VanGogh was not on your list.


February 20, 1999

I'm not known for my love of art, but your site has opened my eyes!! Very nice job!! I'll check back soon. Take care!

Little Rock, AR, USofA
February 20, 1999

I think the page is very great. THANKS TROY VENABLE

Troy Venable,
Opelousas, Louisiana, U.S.
February 20, 1999

This is a great page. People can actually learn something here. I went on the internet to search for Leonardo da Vinci for my exhibition topic and this page has all the informations I needed. Thank you. Keep this page up date and I am sure many people will come to visit this page.

San Jose, CA, US
February 20, 1999

I love this site, thank you so much for offering it. although I wish if you up date it. thank you.

Yousef E. A. M,
Irvine, CA, USA
February 20, 1999

you should add information about the artists.

alexandria, Va, usa
February 19, 1999

I think your site is very interesting.

, usa
February 19, 1999

The Gallery looks great--I'm leaving for Rome in a few weeks, and this was a great refresher course in the Sistine Chapel!

New York, New York, USA
February 19, 1999

i came here to search for a report, i have foun dsome very useful info.

manhattan beach, ca, us
February 19, 1999

I really appreciate the great works selected. I am an art history minor with a major in art. I have to really get to know schon. and the internet helps. thanks. wendy gold

wendy gold,, excite
mundelein, il, usa
February 19, 1999

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I find the would be with out a doubt a very suttle and unrealistic world if there were not artist. The creation of art galleries has made a weak, yet modified culture. More people should be involved with art and artistic creation, even if it is only through mind and not just drawing ability. Myself as an artistic photographer feels that more and more art projections should be enforced into everyday living. I found your web site to be very enlighting and comprehendable. AJR

Amber Reese,
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our homepage contains 18 national charts in MP3!


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Just arrived at the YPO web site and am starting to get excited about the univ. We will be back to visit again. Thanks for putting it all together for us. Mary and Jeff

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Venice reminds people where their souls developed in times past....the line of Beauty finds us, when we are hungry to remember when we cared so much and believed so much, to try again to protect the altar of our precious memories...I love you Venice....take good care of yourself.

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Hi , I would like to comend you on your webpage it has been very well presented and well done. I visited this webpage because in my class we are doing reserch on on Renaissance Art and Architecture and we done some reserch on the net from school and well I was the only one with the net at home apart from my teacher so I have gone looking for infomation and I would like to thank you again. This webpage is by far the best I have visited. thanks again, Sean Featherstone Student from Clontarf Beach State High School E-mail or

Sean Featherstone, or donandsean
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What a great resource this site is! I'm also glad that since I can't go to Leningrad, I can view my favorite painting, Rembrandt's "Return of the Prodigal Son," any time I desire. The quality of the reproductions id good, too! Thanks!

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I have only just started to view your pages. I shall do so more. Can you explain why the surname is shown under 'Porta' when D-Ps all over the world have Della-Porta, Dellaporta, Della Porta, della Porta? I shall look forward to viewing the mass of data you have provided.

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Joe Manske

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I think the Pope (Julius II that is) is rather attractive. He seems rather mean though. . .I can tell you I wouldn't want to meet up with him in a dark alley :) Well, keep up the good pictures! Lacey p.s. I wish he was still around today. . hehehe

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Page 71 of Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient has the following passage: "Looking up with service binoculars in the Gothic church at Arezzo soldiers would come upon their contemporary faces in the Piero della Francesca frescoes. The Queen of Sheba conversing with King Solomon. Nearby a twig from the Tree of Good and Evil inserted into the mouth of the dead Adam. Years later this queen would realize that the bridge over the Siloam was made from the wood of this sacred tree." I was trying to find some imagery to go along with these words. Thankyou very much.

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The web page for Lorenzetti's frescoes in Sienna Town Hall on Good and Bad Government are referred to in an article on cabinet models for local government in England, written by Mike Pitt, Chief Executive of Kent CC. (See Municipal Journal, 29 January at page 14.) He gives the web site so it will suddenly become popular. I'm glad he did - what a find!

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I am fascinated by how contemporary the work of William Blake[1757-1827]seems to be.Also,his using ideas'from the great philosopher, scientist,and theologian Emanuel Swedenborg[1688-1772].

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A few months ago, I visited london and I got a postcard of "venus and mars" at the national gallery and it's sais that it was painted about 1485 and in this site the date is 1483?!

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We will be visiting Rome in April of 1999. It is our wish to "try" to get at least a glimpse of our Holy Father. It has alway been my wish to see "Papa". How wonderful it would be! It would have deep meaning for me, as my Mother will be with my husband and myself on our trip. I know my chances are not good, but, I will continue to pray! I would most likely be rendered speechless! HaHa! We are truly looking forward to our visit. May God continue to Bless our Holy Father and keep him always safe. Terryann Simoni

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As an Art major at the University of Montevallo, a 4-year public liberal arts college in Alabama, I am currenly enrolled in a Renaisance Art course. At the moment we are focusing on Giotto and the pre-renaissance, making formal and symbolic parallels between the Life of Christ frescoes at the Arena Chapel. Other than a couple of reference books and lecture slides, we have no color works to study, and nothing we can take home to view in the peace and quiet of our own homes and at our leisure. Imagine how difficult it is to note details from black and white photocopies! So you can guess how elated I was to find your web site with full color images of these images which I can access any time! I know that my classmates will also be relieved to learn of your site. And I am sure that I will be visiting your site many times in the future. Thanks for all your hard work compiling this site and for doing your part to promote the arts!

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A wonderful site. Many nice images. Thanks!

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How nice to discover that there was a famous painter in italy with the same name as we have. We are Luigi Guariento and his daughter Bianca. We really would like to see some of his work. My greatgrandfather has lived in the area of Padua. Maybe, the great painter was a familymember of ours. What I know is... that there are a lot of Guariento`s in and around Padua. Still I`m very proud on my exceptional lastname, here in Holland. And even I am born here in Amsterdam, we still have our italians pasports. hope to find a reaction from you, on my email adres. thank you very much for the possibility to react. loeve from Luigi and Bianca GUARIENTO

guariento bianca,
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everything was very well done :) i'm glad i came rkelly

Robyn Kelly,
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I very much enjoyed my visit to this web site. St. Francis has had a very special influence on my life.

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Kugler Kati,
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...ejus dulcis praesentia. Simply magnificent only wish to see it see it in person once as a pilgrim w/J. Respetos-EHM.

Mr. & Mrs Edwin Hopkins Madden,, dna
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Enjoyed the tour! Thanks so much.

Tucson, Arizona, USA
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Greetings from Mexico City: My name is Jaime A. Holcombe. My late father, Jaime Jose Holcombe spent most of his life in search of our ancestors. Although he worked as an advertising expert, his love for geneology was so profound, he traveled to Spain and England several times (for long months) to search for traces and documents of our past relatives. Just yesterday, I found a Dorchester Abbey guide he brought back from one of his visits. It says... "that in the middle of the chappel, the crusader, Sir John Holcomb, died in the 2nd Crusade, a magnificent piece of medieval carving, one of the most impressive effigies in this country." This is the tomb you have in your site as Effigy of a Knight, which is correct although they add -cross legged. My father also told me Sir John Holcomb was made a Knight in his dying bedplace by Richard Lion Heart; (he really wasn't a Knight until his last momments of life, as he lay mortally wounded from battle, the scene depicted in this effigy). Sir John was made a Knight because of his bravery in battle. There is a legend that tells about him grabbing three enemies heads by their hair, and with one blow of his sword, he was able to decapitate them. The Holcomb shield has three heads because of this story. I hope this information can be helpfull in any way to you and your site. Great job! Keep the good work. Jaime P.S.- Sorry if I made any mistakes. My english is not perfect.

Jaime Holcombe,
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Excellent.A lot of delight.Thank you. Best regards István Lánchidi

István Lánchidi,
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Interesting material--I wish there were more information,and a bibliography of additional sources.

Harold Cole,

January 22, 1999

For someone who has never had the opportunity to go to Italy (or anywhere else), this was the next best thing. Absolutely beautiful. I am in awe of his talent and of the beauty of his art. Is is only art but why do I feel closer to Jesus. Thank you

January 22, 1999

Fascinating! I'm interested in who your sponsor is.

Jerry Greenfield,
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It is wonderful to know that we can serch and enjoy art from so far away... This makes it accessible for many people who would never have any other chance of getting in touch with authentic european art...

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Remarquable (I am sure everybody can understand this unique french word in your guest book). Would you have informations about a painting of El Greco called "the dream of Philipp II"? Thank you very much.

January 20, 1999

Incredible art! Very beautiful paintings!

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I enjoyed your web page alot. It's going to help alot for my 6th grade reasurch paper. Thanks!

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Very detailed pictures of the artworks from the Sistine Chappel.

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Favorite sculpture is Milo of Crotona

Mike Saenz,
El Paso, Texas, U.S
January 18, 1999

Beatiful!I was looking at the work of titian,because i have a painting that looks like (flora)it seems to be very old but someone has glued it up on a masonite,it seems that the canvas is cut out of an frame long time ago.The canvas is very thin and hard,and in the painting is a similar woman sitting and cambing the hair,littlebit sad looking:Behind the girl on the left side is a mans face (halfface)he is holding in a mirror on the right side of her,the arm is behind the girl.Also there is a reflection of light in the mirror:Someone has tried to paint it over.The painting is in a bad chape,because of the glue.I would gladly send you a picture but i havent got a scanner.Could it be a missing or stolen painting under the first or second worldwar,please contact me if you have some informations!Best regards Leif Nilsson

Leif Nilsson,,
Stockholm, Sweden
January 17, 1999

This WWW resource is a treasure. Thank you and best wishes.

David W. McShane DD,
Naples, FL, USA
January 17, 1999

Your Site is great providing everything i need !

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January 16, 1999

You have a very interesting and entertaining site.

Terry Johnson,,
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January 16, 1999

Thank You for Your site. A very interessant and important choise of paintings. But, why not Jeronimus BOSCH ? I hope You will continue to give us more and more material. Yours faithfully, Claude-René DE WINTER Belgian historian

Claude-René DE WINTER,
Brussels, BELGIUM
January 16, 1999

Thank you for beautiful images.

Dragan Božièeviæ,
Rijeka, Croatia, Croatia
January 15, 1999

This is a great Site for researching works of art. I love this site. :)

Bunny D.,
January 15, 1999

Es una hermosa visita a la obra de gran hombre en la historia del arte de la humanidad. Congratulations for your wonderful page.

Estela Zavala A. de Soto,
Hermosillo, Sonora, México
January 14, 1999

What an excellent resource this is - I have bookmarked it and will be recommending it to all my British Civil War addicted friends as a first class visual reference. Thank you for putting something *useful* on the web!

Edna Coleman,
Welwyn Garden City, Great Britain
January 14, 1999

I am in awe to visit the inside of the Sistine Chapel on the net. Thank You. Toni

Toni Drewitt,
Canberra, A C T, Australia
January 14, 1999


January 14, 1999

you can add more pictures

Bianca Orfano

January 14, 1999

Very informative web page. Keep up the good work.

Ann Jones,
Baltic, CT, USA
January 14, 1999

Very well Done. Thanks

Casselberry , Fl
January 13, 1999

Enjoyed viewing this site. My wife and I hope to visit the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel in May, 1999. Your site has provided us much valuable information to prepare us for this visit. Thanks

Charles DeLoach,
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January 13, 1999

i am doing a research paper thanks 4 the 411!!!

Miss Hallie Parker,, ???
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January 13, 1999

With my compliments for the very interesting site and easy to consult. Vanna Vannucchi

Vanna Vannucchi,
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January 13, 1999

Can't believe I took so long to discover your site. A great service to the Internet Community.

Susan Folkins
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January 13, 1999

mr. ed
January 12, 1999

nice to have such magnificant encyclopedia in the web!

Barbara Linz,
Cologne, Germany
January 12, 1999

We can only be thankful that so much of Giotto's works remain today, and thankful too for this fine site to share them.

Paul Hittner,
Davenport, Iowa, USA
January 12, 1999


kitchener, ont.
January 12, 1999

What a great site about art! Thankyou

Jolie Patterson,
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
January 12, 1999

great web site

steve, udare2b
slidell, la., us
January 11, 1999

Blessings on you and your work in providing such beautiful classic art for the "multitudes". I am a Missionary in the poverty stricken areas of Tijuana, and I have used your gallery to download and bring to our Bible study wonderful and inspiring artistic representations of Biblical stories or the lives of the saints. I have made a catalog of all 3,500 art works and have an index to depictions of: Christ (in all ages and stages of his life; The Virgin Mary and the Saints. I have not yet finished printing it, but if you would like me to e-mail it to you in an "attachment", I would gladly do so. Perhaps it may assist other web gallery visitors. The index is like this: Subject: Birth of Christ: Artists who depict: Fra Angelico, Titian, Raphael (these are just a few-the index lists ALL artists of that theme in alphabetical order. Just e-mail and let me know. Gratefully, Sister Gene

Sister Gene McNally,O.P.,
Tijuana, Baja California, MEXICO
January 10, 1999

I find your website very useful because i'm taking a course in an art school so when i need to do my research, i can easily find information here! Thanks!

, Singapore
January 9, 1999

Thank you for creating a resource for learning about art. I teach at a small community college in Alabama and my students and I use the internet as a visual resource for Art History, Art Appreciation, and literature courses. Your site is excellent & incomparable. Thank you.

Pat Federinko,
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Thanks for a quick way to retrieve an image. Apreciate the design of the page/s and accessibilty.

January 8, 1999

I have found this sight a big help in doing a research project for spanish class.

Jason Brantner,, N/A
Augusta, WI, United States of America
January 8, 1999

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING AND BREATHTAKING VIEWS OF THE SISTINE CHAPEL!! Nothing beats viewing the chapel in person, but this site comes pretty darn close!! THANX!!

new port richey, fl, usa
January 8, 1999

I am really delighted to sign your guest book. I hope to visit some day in person. Please keep me and my family in your prayers. God bless.

, N. Ireland
January 8, 1999

I am so delighted to be able to visit your web site I would love to visit Rome some day in person, I hope you keep us all in your prayers. Thank you Please send a reply.

, N. Ireland
January 8, 1999

Is there a famly tree ??

George W riemenschneider Jr
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January 8, 1999


January 8, 1999

January 8, 1999

A fine site. Thanks for having it. Sincerely, Charles Helsell Curator, 3M Art Collection

Charles Helsell,, ?
St. Paul, MN , USA
January 8, 1999

A welcome addition for a collector of manuscript leaves.

Edwin E Gordon,
Indianapolis, IN
January 8, 1999

Great! Thank you Jørgen Kanding

Jørgen Kanding,
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January 8, 1999

I'm an art teacher. Thanks for your great articles!

Dianna Babcock
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January 7, 1999

Wonderfully beautiful, inspiring, awesome. Thanks for your good work.

Fred Memleb,
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January 7, 1999

J'ai passé presque tous mes temps libres du mois de décembre et du début de janvier dans votre site. Pour tout dire en peu de mots: c'est merveilleux. Et aussi, quelle merveilleuse idée de nous faciliter la correspondance des Fêtes en nous donnant des cartes postales. Merci.....! ! !

Raymond-M. Cloutier S.J.,
Montréal, Québec, Canada (again)
January 7, 1999

Scusate ma non scrivo in inglese visitate la mia Mantova dove Giulio Romano ha mostrato tutta la sua Arte! Ciao from Mantua Pietro

Pietro, pieliber,
Mantova, Italia, Lombardia
January 7, 1999

I am writing an online class in art appreciation for the college where I teach, and this site is going to be valuable to me! Thanks so much. I may contact you further as I get more involved in my research. This is a wonderful place for information! KSR

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January 6, 1999

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Juliana L. (Lippi) Tinnel (decsendant),
January 6, 1999

It's great to be able to look at each panel slowly, and to take a break from work at the computer to look at the art. It's also nice to send as e-mail greeting cards. Thank you for this great masterpiece.

Jeannette Smyth
Washington, D. C.
January 6, 1999

I don`t know much about art but i can tell if it`s go or not,and the paintings in there are really awesome!I enjoy them very much!C`est EXCELLENT!

January 6, 1999

A great website with good and unusual material. I love the idea of postcarding ! Cheers DGM

Dev G. Money,
London, U.K.
January 6, 1999

Great pictures! They were really useful for my high school history report! Thanks again!

January 5, 1999

Thank you so much for providing this website. I have used it extensively in the teaching of my Humanities of the Western World class. The ability to find beautiful, high quality images in a completely searchable format has helped immensely in our study of art. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Douglas Dart,
Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA
January 4, 1999

We saw the real chapel in Italy in the early 1980 and i have never been so impressed with such beauty and how could man do so much in a very early time with colors I am so interested in history and painters of that period and beleive me when you have seen it in person nothing else can take its place thank you verna

Verna Gardner,
Huntsville, Texas, USA
January 4, 1999

I'm an 91 years old visual artist and I still enjoy the sistine chapel as much as I did when I saw it the first time in 1931. The world has changed a lot since then but greatness never diminishes. Thank you for having such a wonderfull internet site. Maarten Krabbé.

Maarten Krabbé,
Amsterdam, Netherlands
January 4, 1999

King Louis XIV was the best king of France's history and I aprecciate him a lot. I really want to know about the man in the iron mask and especifically about Philippe, if someone knows something or have some documents please send by fax or by e-mail to me. Thank you very much. Filipe Beja - Rua 1º de Maio 29 1ºdireito B 2835 Baixa da Banheira Phone:012027602 Fax :012027619 E-Mail : Zoologica@Mail.Telepac.Pt Don't forget about Portuguese indicatif.

Filipe Manuel Beja,
Baixa da Banheira, Lisboa, Portugal
January 4, 1999

King Louis XIV was the best king of France's history and I aprecciate him a lot. I really want to know about the man in the iron mask and especifically about Philippe, if someone knows something or have some documents please send by fax or by e-mail to me. Thank you very much. Filipe Beja - Rua 1º de Maio 29 1ºdireito B 2835 Baixa da Banheira Phone:012027602 Fax :012027619 E-Mail : Zoologica@Mail.Telepac.Pt Don't forget about Portuguese indicatif.

Filipe Manuel Beja,
Baixa da Banheira, Lisboa, Portugal
January 4, 1999

I thought your service is very good .It was amazing to see how much info. i could get on the spanish masters in which i needed for a report. Thank you. -Andres O.

Andres Oranges,
Huntington, NY, USA
January 3, 1999

Thanks for dedicating your time to the creation of such a beautiful page. I personally love the Lorenzetti's.

Carolina Jaimes,
Maracay, Aragua, Venezuela
January 3, 1999

L.S., How well-done. Very impressif.Thanks a lot for the opportunity to look at all these treasures in that easy way!

Rotterdam, Holland
January 3, 1999

Wonderful site! Thank you very much.

Judy Underwood,

January 2, 1999

Really, a good job. I have not find other place in the net with so many pictures and with information about the first artists in Europe: los iluminadores. Gracias y hasta la vista. Thank you and bye.

Jesús Mendía,
Pamplona, Navarra, Spain
January 2, 1999

Do you think it is possible to use one of the paintings on my web page Please advise

Ashraf Patel,,
, UK
January 1, 1999

Delighted to be able to access and view this collection, as I am an icon painter myself!

Leo Wimmer,,
Mount Beauty, Victoria, Australia
January 1, 1999

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