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If anyone has any idea where I could purchase a print of the biblical scene "The Last Supper", could they please let me know? I live in Glasgow but would have no problems if I had to go elswhere to get it. Slainte.

June 30, 1999

It's a great job! I really love this web site. My major is art history,especially exchange and compare on eastern and western art. Thank you.

Hwang, Sang Hee,
Tae Jon, R. O.Korea
June 30, 1999

Thanks for your lovely gallery. Along with Mark Harden and Carole Gerten I recommend you to everyone interested in art. Your postcard -service is THE MOST, at last a way of sending great cards to people instead of nonsense cartoons. I understand your gallery is visited frequently, hope you get help to increase the capacity of your server.

Anders Dimberg,
Gellivare, Lapland, Sweden
June 30, 1999


cheryl house,
Peoria, Illinois, US
June 29, 1999

I have visited the Vatican City many times and have always been very much impressed by all of the art and history in it. Marc Molyneux, Jr. June 1999

marc molyneux, jr,
Mobile, Alabama, USA
June 29, 1999

I learnt history of art from this website,thanks a lot

Chung Yi,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
June 28, 1999

Congratulation! SZEKELY, GY.

Szekely, Gyorgy, es:,
Budapest, Hungary
June 27, 1999

This is the most inspirational website - absolutely uplifting. How delightful to be able to send a postcard! I am interested in Sofinisba Anguissola (1531-1625) Thank you! Joan Phillip

Joan Phillip,
Bathurst, NSW, Australia
June 26, 1999

I Love your sight so much! Great graphics. The only thing is I really wish that you could have it so that it would allow me to print some of the pictures out with my color printer. Is there any way you could do that? Please get back to me at my e-mail if you decide to do that. Thanks, Cheney Warris

Cheney Warris,
Allenford, Ontario, Canada
June 24, 1999

Excellent site. Brilliant postcards and a great way to liven up an E-mail! Thanx!!!

Exeter, England
June 24, 1999


John D. Iconis,
Atlanta, GA, USA
June 24, 1999

I am looking for information on a German painter by the name of Valentine Hyde. The surname could be spelled many different ways. I am unsure of what era he came from, but I know it would have been prior to 1772, when part of the family came to America. Any information on his life would be extremely helpful. Thank you!

S. Boder,
Columbus, Ohio
June 23, 1999

Excellent site!!!! I really appreciate how it is organized and the postcards have been a source of delight for those who have received them from me. One of the best exhibit sites I have seen.

Northridge, California, USA
June 23, 1999


June 21, 1999

This is my first visit to your exciting site and I will be able to send comments later. I was unable to view the "latest comments" section by clicking on the link; returns immediately to the previous page.

Sacramento, California, USA
June 19, 1999

I love this sight. So many of the paintings can't be found in books in this country. Visiting this sight is like visiting all the great museums of Europe!

Jennifer Beckett,
Claverack, New York, US
June 19, 1999

Felicitaciones por la tarea realizada. Resulta claro que han creado un modelo referencial a nivel internacional de cómo , con qué materiales y con qué criterios abordar la ardua tarea de informar democraticamente en los espacios de internet. A todos muchas gracias.

Ariel Mastandrea Albitre,, ICQAMA2
Montevideo, URUGUY
June 18, 1999

Your website is so impressive. You are crazy people. I have a good impression in Italy.

Yoong Yow,
Sheffield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
June 18, 1999

Hi I'm a paiNting restorer located in Geneva, Florida. We are now working on a Jacob Jordaens copy, executed approx. 1823, psb. 1883, 45" x 72" oil on canvas, that has been cut down to the foregoing dimensions.. Subject matter is a bagpipe player and his father conversing with or singing with an old woman in a wheel chair. Various dogs and other characters, table bowls and cups and other familiar icons of the peasant household clutter the composition. The latin phrase:_________________ )_________________________________ is written on a flag. Please let me know if you have any reference to this item or the work that is obviously copies. Thanks, Bonnie Jones, Pruet Conservation Studio.

Bonnie Lee Jones,
Geneva, FL, USA
June 18, 1999

Kedves Krén Emil ! Fantasztikus dolgot csináltatok. Õszinte elismerésem és gratulálok. Barátsággal üdvözöllek: Golovics Lajos

Golovics Lajos,
June 17, 1999

This is a very informative and wonderful site, now that I am working in the Bay Mills Community College Library and have access to the internet, I will be visiting you quite often, I am also interested in some information about a Rembrandt painting called Girl with Broom, can you help me? Thankyou, Traci Tell

Traci L Tell,
Kincheloe, MI, Chippewa
June 17, 1999

That is graetz gallery. Thank you for doing it. Can you add more pictures to Samuel van Hoogstraten? For example "Still-life with letter" from Kromìøí¾ chateau, Czech Republic. It is very similar to "yours" Still-life from Staatliche Kunsthalle, Karlsruhe, Germany. Thank you. Yours, Tomas Kubat

Tomas Kubat,
Olomouc, Czech Republic
June 17, 1999

Wonderful site. An even better resource. the depth is incredible. I've only begun to unearth what you've built here; it will undoubtedly provide endless hours of enjoyment and education for my family. Thanks for the time and effort you've invested. You are to be applauded!

Hugh Reilly,,
Brooklyn, NY, USA
June 16, 1999

It's all good with art!!!

Alexander, none, none
Montclair, New Jersay, U.S.A.
June 16, 1999

nicely done site. want to try the postcard feature out. i found some informaton on one artist i was loooking for and will be back to serach for others. very professionally done and very helpful and innovvtive. keep up the good work.

david pactor,, soon...
san francisco, california, u.s.a.
June 13, 1999

Very nice. You helped me in my study. Thanks

Paolo Aielli,
Città Sant'Angelo, Italia
June 13, 1999

Cari Signori, sono molto contento di vedere messi insieme tutti questi artisti Essendo altretando un pittore non riesco smettere a megliavigliarmi come un pittore anche se bravissimo non rieshe durante la vita raggingere il meritato succeso. NOI UOMINI SIAMO MOLTO S T U P I D I !!! Best regards PRUDNIKOFF

Beograd, Yugoslavia, Serbia
June 13, 1999

Lillian Correggio, NYLilnFl@AOL.Com
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
June 11, 1999

You provide a valuable and informative service for many. Thank you so much for your care and effort; the results are splendid. Your website is as close as many Americans will ever approach fine art, alas -- the greatness and diligence of masterful artists long dead. Because of your efforts, their work will live on.

David Zuniga,
Laredo, Texas, USA
June 11, 1999

I'm searching paintings with the blessed Mary Virgin, specially from Hungary Best regards

Alejandro Mayer,,
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
June 11, 1999

I have died and gone to ART HEAVEN. Thank you, thank you and thank you again!!!

New York, New York, USA
June 11, 1999

Thanks for making such wonderful images available fo us to glory in.

Charles Markwick

June 10, 1999

Beautiful, simply beautiful.

Ruth Raub,
Tempe, Arizona, USA
June 10, 1999

Beautiful Gallery and exciting to find many old friends. BUT ... I wonder if you can help me find the painting by Jan van de HEEM that I love best. It is called Still Life with Parrots I believe. Can you help me locate it in any medium, but preferably in a poster or other reproduction I could purchase. Thank you.

C. Winkler,
Houston, TX, USA
June 9, 1999

Spectacular, Splendid,Gorgeous,Mesmerising,Outstanding,

Aditi Chaudhuri,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
June 9, 1999

A newcomer to Internet, I discovered your marvellous site while researching the life of St. Francis of Assisi. How helpful it was and how interesting to read the other comments.

Gillian Hancock,
Hull, QC, Canada
June 9, 1999

All I was looking for was information on Ruben's "The Three Graces", and boy did I stumble into a real treasure! Beautiful site. I love it!

G. Nones,
Makati City, Philippines
June 8, 1999

Thanks so much for your help with my A level art history. Titian, I have discovered is a beautifully emotional painter and I will continue to be inspired by his work. Cheers

Ella Jade Peck,
June 6, 1999

I am very glad and relieved that went into this site. The paitings are very detailed as if I were in a museum looking right at them. When I observed one Leonardo da Vinci's paintings I could almost believe I was in the room featured.

Amal Abdur-Rahman,
Baltimore, MD, U.S.A.
June 6, 1999

Thanks very much for this page, i have to do an history assignment on the renaissance, and i have chosen leo because I saw ever after and loved his work! Thanks again!

Leonardo's fan.

June 5, 1999

Thank you for this great site! I need your help locating paintings of the Wyatt family, please advise....

Sue Ellen Wyatt/Patrick,
June 4, 1999


Joris Grouwels,
Genk, Belgium
June 4, 1999

Thank you

Gilbert Bezzina,
Nice, france
June 4, 1999

your site is wonderful, go on like this! I am not a professional but I'll spend hours and hours among these pictures.

A. Varvello,
Torino, Italy
June 4, 1999

I live in Albany on the south coast of West Australia a beautiful little city but a long way from access to the treasures which you have brought to my view through the WEB. I am a sculptor & bronze caster & love to draw from the live model. Ihave achieved some degree of mastery of my art and have produced public statues for our city but there is nothing like inspiration from the masters. We all stand on their shoulders. We are also locked in our own time so whatever we do is new and somehow different. Thank you very much.

Terry Humble , .au
Albany, Western, Australia
June 3, 1999

Extremely useful and well organized material; thanks.

Robert Torchia,
Jacksonville, FL, USA
June 2, 1999


June 1, 1999

Great site! Thank you. Will be viewing again in the future.

metairie, louisiana, u.s.a
June 1, 1999

want to know if i am related in a distant way? maybe someone can help me???

cheri holbein,
ayer, mass, usa
June 1, 1999

cool pics


June 1, 1999

I am head of Creative Arts at the International school in Maseru. This is an absolutely brilliant resource for me and my students. Keep it up.

Graham Taylor,,
Maseru, Lesotho
May 30, 1999

Ho visitato la Cappella Sistina in Febbraio 1999, e" bellissima ed il ristoro e" una meraviglia. Buona Fortuna

Nicholas Falcone,
Broomall, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
May 30, 1999

A super site! I love sending the post cards and also studying the sculpture. I teach English in highschool so I am constantly interested in painting or scupture that relates to the works we are reading, as students have a hard time visualizing. For, instance Bernini's sculpture of Apollo and Daphne makes that myth come to life. I would be interested in seeing any other art which depicts mythological figures.

Susan Muirhead,
Houston, Texas
May 30, 1999

This site is very usefull, it help me in my research about the italian and flemish painters. Good work

Benoit Landreville,
Montréal, Québec, Canada
May 30, 1999

this site was okay. IT was set up well, but it sucked

Joe Apasmith
May 30, 1999

This is one of the most brilliant art sites around. The postcard service is a wonderful way to communicate with people who I really want to impress! Any chance of another site containing Impressionist and Modern Art? Keep up the brilliant work.

celeste miles,
hermosa beach, ca, usa
May 29, 1999

It's the only site i found in english!

lindsay crowther
Salisbury, wiltshire
May 28, 1999

it helped me with project thanx

mandy watson, ?
, NSW, Australia
May 28, 1999

I was searching for information on the Italian Mannerist architect Buontalenti and my search engine took me to your site, which I have greatly enjoyed exploring ever since. I'm hoping more info on late Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo architects will make it into your databases, but for now I'm just having fun browsing what you've already got.

Richard McFarland,
Seattle, WA, US
May 28, 1999

It's terrific ! I am now editing on a series of history art books, it's really wonderful to find such a site ! Thank you so much, they are really helpful !

Gary Chuang,
Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan
May 27, 1999

Great Place to view art. I only have one problem! I can't find the actual proverbs to the painting "The Netherlandish Porverbs" by Pieter Bruegel. If anyone could be of assistance to me on where to find them at on the Internet, I would be thankful. --Heath

Heath Sprinkle,
Columbus, Georgia, USA
May 27, 1999

I cann't see it a whole thing. This is not good. Obvously i love this kind of art. But It will be good if the administrator can give or send me a copy of book that consist of : everything here. because i think it's pricefull collection of the world. Masterpieces. create with carefully and not only owned by a particular group of people Ignatius Giri Permadi "I really wanna be there if i have money"

Ignatius Giri Permadi,
Salatiga, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
May 27, 1999

Very appealing and easy to handle. You did a wonderfull job on this and I am gladly enjoying this. Thank you very much!!! LOVE and PEACE to you

Day :) Dreamer,
, Germany
May 26, 1999

A joy forever this thing of beauty... Thank you all for such pleasure...

Lord Evereste,,
Los angeles, CA, U.S.A.
May 26, 1999

I enjoyed the site very much and will recommend it as a Continuing Education teaching tool.

Karen Kallish,
Largo, MD, USA
May 25, 1999

please add art past the 1600s. please include american art as well. i hope to see this happen soon. thank you so much for your help so far.

sue burickson,
ny, ny, usa
May 23, 1999

Very interesting, but please prepare some type of bibliography or "Suggested Reading" list. It would be most helpful for the layman and scholar as well. Overall, a great idea (the illustrations are very fine - although you had some scanning problems on the image of one of the Pierre Puget sculpture of "Perseus and Andromeda." I am currently doing research on Andreas Schlueter's early career (before 1694). You should get some more photographs of this artist's work!!!

Kevin E. Kandt, M.A.,
Gdañsk, Poland
May 22, 1999

This site is absolutely breathtaking, we're just sorry it took us so long to find outabout it. Keep up the good work.

Lea Grandy,
Queens, New York, USA
May 22, 1999

Helped me revive memories of my last vacation there.

bombay, India.
May 22, 1999

A great site for art students to visit and go on a tour of a famous gallery. As an art teacher I can see limitless possibilities for my students.

Marnie Hunt,
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
May 21, 1999

I feel that your web site is very helpful. I wish that you would get some more modern painters eventually. But, right now, i feel that your site is very beautiful.

Mary Johnson,
Manchester, VT, USA
May 21, 1999

Enjoyed your site.

Iola Govensky,
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
May 20, 1999

I think ya'll give a lot of information about the Renaissance and more historical events.

Ashley Conyers,
Huger, S.C, U.S.A
May 20, 1999

Very nice! I can't wait to share this with my kid's art teacher.

andrea luker,
overland park, ks, usa
May 18, 1999

Wonderful reference. I found some info and work of Velazquez I could not find elsewhere and thank you so much for the postcard service. Very nice!!!

, ca, usa
May 18, 1999

Thanks for putting out your page! It will really help me with my report.


May 18, 1999

A web site of great beauty and a credit to those who have evidently worked so hard to create it.

Alistair Coleman,
Reading, UK
May 18, 1999

Thanks for the great site. The guided tours are really helpful. I plan to revisit often.

W. A. Robison,,
Natchitoches, LA, USA
May 17, 1999

You're site is very helpful! It is awesome. Thanx soooooo much!


May 17, 1999

at the moment i cant compare web pages to other web pages as today is my first time surfing the web, but it sure beats going to the library! Now Iwill go back and read this article and try and write a 1500 word essay , and i may come back and add to this comment, then again i may not.

helena o connor,
cork, ireland
May 16, 1999

We really want to thank you so much! Visiting your site has been and will be really a great cultural and spiritual experience, very unusual considering what the media generally offers. So, deeply from our heart, we only can repeat our gratefulness for your efforts. Andrea, Jane, Kamala Antoniani

Andrea Antoniani and family,
Passo Corese, Italy
May 15, 1999

I really enjoy visiting your page. I learn a lot of art. Even more than visiting the places as a tourist. Congratulations and thank you.

Rosa Laura Rubiales,
Mexico, DF, Mexico
May 15, 1999

This site is truly a 'Garden Of Earthly Delights"! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Ellen Paul McCormick,
Bergenfield, New Jersey, U S A
May 14, 1999

This is a fabulous site and so well organized. I love being able to send images to friends. Are you considering extending the catalogue to include ancient and early medieval stuff?

Melbourne, Australia
May 14, 1999

I'm in my third year of Spanish and am doing a report on Greco and I've been able to find plenty of paintings and such I've just been wondering on some interesting facts of him and what he was like. His paintings are very moving and I still remember some of them from when I went to Spain two years ago.

Robyn Fredrickson,
Lakeville, MN, USA
May 14, 1999

OK! Greate ! ATK

Andrzej Tadeusz Kijowski,,
Warsaw, Mazowsze, Poland
May 14, 1999

Istvan Halo,
Karcag, Szolnok, Hungary
May 13, 1999

Congratulations!!!!! The Web Gallery of Art site is amazing!!!

Graziella Brocchi Ziggiatti Bonatto,,
Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
May 13, 1999

A friend of mine sent me a postcard, and I've been absolutely grateful to her for it. The detail and quality of the reproductions are wonderful. Thank you.

Leah Gleser,
New York, New York, USA
May 12, 1999

I came across this website by chance looking for a picture of "The Last Supper" after visting Milan on business. I was plesaed that I was able to send this picture to a colleague as a postcard. Great site, which I will come back to again and again. Keep up the good work. What about Rennaisance painters? David Clifton

David Clifton,
Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK
May 11, 1999

Exelent website! Congratulations! Claudio

Claudio,, El jardin de las delicias
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
May 10, 1999


May 9, 1999

Goodbay, C. Morra

Carel Morra,,
Voorburg, Nederland
May 9, 1999

I do a lot of travelling in Italy, and have seen many of these paintings ("in the pigment" so to speak), frescoes and sculptures and it's a delight to spark my memory of those trips with this beautiful work!

San Francisco, CA, USA
May 8, 1999

He is a great artist . Ifor one enjoy to look of the Sistine Chapel .

Katie Bollinger , skinny-miny_02, hotmail
benton, missouri, america
May 7, 1999

I was excited to find your sight. I was alittle disappointed with the lack of information on Artemisia Gentileschi. When I went to the section for Artemisia the biography talked about her father and not about her incredible life as a woman artist in the 17 century. I have been doing research with the help of reference books written by Mary Garrard. I feel that she has compiled the most extensive information on Artemisia. Artemisia is truely an artist that needs her own biography. Just to let you know, while Artemisia was in England she was assiting her father, who was in bad health, with the commission he was working on. Please consider rewriting the biography for Artemisia and give her the consideration she deserves as a true artist of her time. I would also like to see more then one picture of her collection. Susanna and the elders (compared to many other artist's), Judith and the beheading of Holofernes(which should be compared with the work of Caravaggio) These are just my thoughts but please consider them. Thanks again for your sight.

S. McFarlane,
Grover Beach, Ca, U.S.
May 7, 1999

Just what the doctor ordered.

James Morgan,,
May 6, 1999

Great Site, only wish I had the money to spend hours here. It's like having my own private art gallery at home. I set any picture I like as desktop wallpaper. Currently I am displaying:- Bouts, Dirk the Elder The Fall of the Damned Keep up the great work and thank you Derek

Derek M Byram,,
Southend on Sea, England
May 6, 1999

I saw this painting (the Adoration of the Lamb)under hypnosis during a past life regression session, as I saw it in the early 1400's in the cathedral at Ghent. In that lifetime seeing the painting moved me to enter a convent and "adore the Lamb" for the rest of my life. Strange to find it on the internet, for which I thank you.

Lawrence, KS, USA
May 5, 1999

Thanks a lot for the opportunity to enjoy again the greatest masterpieces!!! Veronica

Samara, Russia
May 5, 1999

I'm very happy to find your homepage. Simple the best!!!

Jaqueline Morcelli Castro,
Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil
May 4, 1999

keep it up

marc gravell,
milford, wales, britain
May 4, 1999

Im doing my final paper in preparation from graduation with my BA in communicative arts. I am so grateful to the people who take the time and resources to put important information out there for us "info junkie students" afterall we cant spend all day in the library! THANKS a bunch!

bernadette m. johnson,
eureka, ca, usa
May 4, 1999

You have done a very nice job. Mondhatom ugy is hogy szep volt fiuk. Udv Peter

Jacso Peter,,
kailua, hi, us
May 4, 1999

A treasure trove indeed for those seeking a visit with the masters and a respite from the swampland of current tastwless visual art/

P. A. Ruggieri, M.D.,
Vineland, NJ, USA
May 3, 1999

Your web site provided me with lots of info for my art report thank you

bath, ny, us
May 2, 1999

As I am very interested in Michelangelo's works, I searched the Internet for some months now, in seek of photos of his sculptures and paintings. But no where these works are organized and presented as good as here. I think the electronic postcard service is quite ingenious. Keep up the good work. I look foreward for hearing and reading from you, Claire Lucie de Losonczy

Claire Lucie de Losonczy,
Iasi, Romania
May 1, 1999

Am an art history student. This site has saved me numerous hours of travel to view such wonder ful images. Thanks It has given me more time with my children. A life saver!!

Debra Hamdan,
Richmond, Va, USA
May 1, 1999

I was researching a couple paintings that a friend of mine is looking for, really enjoyed myself. I spent most of my time looking at pictures I liked instead of doing what I was suppoded to. I'll be back.

Kenny G
April 30, 1999

C'est merveilleux!

Florence Semple,
Boca Grande, Florida, USA
April 29, 1999

I love this! it helped me with some research for a paper.I'll be back again and again. I'm a studio artist who does some teaching and just finishing an MFA.Thanks again, Lee

Lee Becker,
Lindsborg, KS, USA
April 28, 1999

Brill pages thank you very much will get my year five and year six on to it as soon as i can, will help a lot. Look forward to visiting again. When will you do the modern artists? Thanks again love April Edwards. Catshill Middle School.

April Edwards,
Worcester, UK
April 28, 1999

i thank you very much for putting this website together i am taking a baroque and roccoco class in college and without this website to use for quick reference i would be failing this class i cant thank you enough your work is applauded by this art lover Nick Turner Junior Central College

Nick Turner,
Pella, Ia, u.s.
April 28, 1999

This site was a great help for me. I was able to find many grat pictures along with helpful information for my report.

Oxford, Connecticut, U.S.A.
April 28, 1999

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toronto, ont, canada
April 27, 1999

loved it!

Eugene DeVries,
New Ulm , MN, USA
April 26, 1999

I think that this is a very educational site !!! i love all of the art work ! They have a wounderful varitie !

Cookie6982, Cookie6982@Aol.Com, none
, U.S.A
April 26, 1999

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="1.US-Car Stammtisch Landshut" border="0" WIDTH="80" HEIGHT="80"></a> Viele Grüße aus Bayern --- Much greetings from Bavaria: 1. US-Car Stammtisch Landshut


April 25, 1999

This site is most inspiring. I'm able to study the masters without having to buy the expensive books. This is just wonderful, and the output, stupindous! Thank you John

John Trahan,
New Orleans, LA, 70115
April 25, 1999

I am very impressed with the shape, colors and beauty of all your works of art.

James Algarra,
Hallandale, Florida, USA
April 24, 1999

Great Website!

Toronto, Canada
April 24, 1999

Just thought I'd stop by and say "great site!" -- Mark Joyner

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Los Angeles, CA, USA
April 24, 1999

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April 23, 1999

J'ai bien du bonheur à me promener dans vos repros très soignées. Il manque à mon goût une annonciation de Fra Angelico. Celle de Cortona serait la bienvenue. Amitiés.

April 23, 1999

this is a great site.... i love classical art and i am glad that there is a site devoted to it.

amanda d sigler,
jacksonville, florida, usa
April 23, 1999

Thank you for that good pics of Baccio Bandinelli. If you'd like to, please tell me some more adresses where else i can find Hercules and cacus, because i have to write something for the art historic insitute of the university of passau. Thanks

Max Lehner,
Passau, Germany
April 21, 1999

Very interesting

J Malezer
Brisbane , Queensland, Australia
April 21, 1999

I am writing a Ph.D. thesis on Marinus van Reymerswale and I believe that your Marinus information needs some refinement. Please read my biography in Oud Holland 109 (1995) 191-200 and e-mail,fax or write me: Adri Mackor (retired Ph.D in physical chemistry), Jan Steenlaan 3, 3941 CL Doorn, The Netherlands, fax +31-343-420780. Kind regards, Adri Mackor.

adri mackor,
doorn, netherlands
April 20, 1999

Found 2 paintings by one of my forefathers on your beautiful website. Does anyone know where I could find other paintings by Johannes Cornelisz. Duyster, apart from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam?

Huib Johannes Duyster,
Brussels, Belgium
April 20, 1999

This is a beautiful website. It loads quickly, it contains wonderful information and lovely images. The guided tours are a special surprise. I am recommending this site for use in our Sixteenth-Century Painting and Sculpture course here at Wheaton College. Thank you!

Judith Aaron,
Norton, MA, USA
April 20, 1999


besson marc,
, france
April 20, 1999

I am looking for a photo (on the web or elsewhere) of a painting of Cornelis van Poelenburgh, titled "Bildnis eines Mädchens", which is part of the collection in the Alte Pinakothek, München. It is very similar to a painting in a private collection, of which we do not know the author. I would appreciate any suggestion.

A. Fontein,
Rotterdam, Netherlands
April 19, 1999

Would anyone know how I could order a picture of one of the painting "Madonna with the Child and Two Angels" by Fra Filippo Lippi?

Samantha Nhan,
Rockville, MD, 20892-7242
April 19, 1999


April 19, 1999

great collections and beautiful re-touch!! please add "Martin von Meytenz"collention as portrait court painter.

Hisayo Mine,
, Japan
April 19, 1999

Nice Site.

Robert Allen Turner,,
Pell City, Alabama, USA
April 18, 1999

Thanks a lot I realy neaded information and I got more than I actually neaded. I printed a lot of pictures so I'm going to have a great projekt

Pretoria, S.A
April 18, 1999


Amy,, None
--------------, CT, U.S.A
April 16, 1999

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The tour of the Sistine Chapel you provide is wonderful. We have not been to Rome, but have had many friends complain about how they were marched through the Chapel with mobs of people, with little chance to really take in the art. Our ability to really have a look at details is great. For example, the close up of Christ in the Last Judgement is incredible. Also, since today is Easter, we sent a couple of electronic postcards. Wonderful! Thanks! Eric and Ruth Werts

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April 2, 1999

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Tiina Lehtinen,
Jyväskylä, Finland
April 1, 1999

The artwork shows up incredibly beautiful and real. I felt as though I really visited the Sistine Chapel. Would love to see some of the Impressionists here.

T. Darr,
Placerville, California, USA
April 1, 1999

A truly great and international site! Lovely hungarian illuminations which are rarely seen! Plus a bit from lots of countries... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Marianne Perdomo,
Gran Canaria, Spain
April 1, 1999

Your site is excellent! I can find info anywhere - it's the PICTURES I need for my Art appreciation class; their projects need colorful paintings! (I teach art for K-8th) Keep it up - do all the artists!!

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April 1, 1999

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