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For best result the use of a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher is suggested, although all features are present at 800 x 600. We also suggest to hide from the View menu all unnecessary toolbars offered by the browser in order to maximize the screen space.

The special (accented characters) should appear correctly on all pages. If it is not so, please check the character code setting in your browser.

For some features popup windows are used. If your browser is set to block popup windows or you use a popup killer software, you have to change these settings otherwise they will prevent important features from working.


You can browse the collection by using the navigation tools always present at the top and the bottom of the screen. The ABC Index at the top menu bar leads you to a simple alphabetic list of the artists, while the artist list at the bottom provides more detailed information for finding and selecting an artist.


To find a particular artist or work of art you can use the powerful search engine. At the bottom a simple quick search panel is always present. For more complex or advanced search you can open a search page from the top menu bar. Help is also provided from the search page. You can also search the web from the Google search box to be found on this page.

Viewing images

The picture files are of JPEG format and appear as thumbnails accompanied by data related to the art object and to the image file. When an "I" icon is present clicking it leads to a page containing some comment on the picture. To view the images in their original size click the thumbnail or the image at the comment page. The image will open in the viewer with zooming capabilities in the 25-200% size range. You can fit the images to the window of the viewer both horizontally and vertically. It is recommended to maximize the viewer window. The background of the viewer can be changed for best viewing.

Downloading images

The images can be downloaded from the image viewer by clicking the image with the right button of the mouse and selecting from the popup menu "Save image as...".

Printing images

The process of printing an image depends on the browser you use. With Internet Explorer you can print the image from the viewer through the menu appearing by clicking with the right button of the mouse. Using Firefox (Mozilla) or Opera you have to download the image first then open it in the browser (or a suitable graphic program) to print from it.

Printing pages

To print a page you have to push the print button or hyperlink to open a new window. After printing it is advised to close this window to continue your visit of the collection.


Making a bookmark (adding to the favourites) can be executed in a new window, like in the case of printing pages.

Viewing modes

In addition to the standard mode, other modes are also offered.

  • The Dual-Window Mode is a new tool useful for purpose of education and research. The navigation tools in the left and right halves of the screen can be used independently of each other. By selecting the checkboxes you can direct the links to one or the other half of the screen.
  • The Wide-Screen Mode makes use of the wide screens available for many users. It is a tool suitable to present the sections of sculpture and architecture in a convenient way.

Guided tours

The guided tours are virtual guidebooks built on the database. The navigation in them are different but self-explanatory. A link directing you back to the collection is always present.

Sending postcard

You can send any image of the collection as a virtual postcard from all pages of the site containing images, including the search result page, too. The postcard can be edited and checked before sending. Postcards can be sent simultaneously to more than one address. The addressee will receive an e-mail about the arrival of the postcard. This e-mail contains the address where the postcard can be read by a browser. The sender - if the corresponding checkbox is checked when editing the postcard - will be notified by e-mail that the postcard was read.

Signing the guestbook

You can sign the guestbook by filling in the corresponding form. Please note that a new entry will be visible only after refreshing your screen (reloading the page). It is advised to enter your e-mail address only in cases when you expect to receive an answer from the webmaster or from other visitors.

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