Main features

  1. Scope: Time-frame: 200-1900, covering painting and sculpture of all types as well as some of the applied arts, and architecture, too. Artists: European artists of art historical significance.
  2. Images: 46.041 full screen images (in September 2018).
  3. Text: Artist biographies (5.220 in September 2018), fundamental data (author, date, technique, size, location) of the art objects, commentaries.
  4. Guided tours: Various itineraries through the collection for studying different aspects of art (an artist, a style, a time period, a genre, etc.).
  5. Navigation: Simple, user-friendly system with navigation and search tools always present at the top and the bottom of the screen; powerful search engine with advanced search capability.
  6. Services: Free postcard service, any images displayed in the gallery can be sent as virtual postcard composed by the sender with attached music file; downloadable catalogue for off-line searches; guestbook and e-mail connection.
  7. Accessories: Glossaries of art terms, art centres, illustrious peoples and families; description of museums and church institutions; list of related art websites.
  8. Language: English, some introductory pages in Hungarian.

Technical data

  1. Images: JPEG format with IJG 67 compression, typical size 150-250 kbyte, 900-1200 pixel, resolution optimized for screen (not suitable for printed publications).
  2. Software: Static HTML pages with JavaScripts; cgi scripts running on the server.
  3. Disk space: About 15 GByte used on the server.

Unique features

  1. Special scripts: Image viewer with zooming (25-200%) capability; bookmarking and printing from frame structure; spam filter for the guestbook.
  2. Dual-window view: Two copies of the collection can be run independently in the left and right side of the vertically divided screen. Links can be directed from one side to the other by the visitor.
  3. Connecting images and textual information: Text information in the comment block of the JPEG image, downloaded images contain the relevant textual information, too.
  4. Special presentation: Version for small screens (entire site, for mobile devices).
  5. Special presentation: Version for wide screens (architecture section only).
  6. Background music: Wide selection of period classical music (streaming Mp3).
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