(active early 8th century in Bobbio)

Marble slab

Museo dell'Abbazia di San Colombano, Bobbio

The Bobbio Monastery in Emilia-Romagna in the Apennines was founded c. 613 through the cooperation of the Lombard king Agilulf (reg 590–615) and the Irish abbot and saint Columbanus (c. 540–615). Its nucleus was an older dilapidated church dedicated to St Peter. Columbanus died on 23 November 615, but his name and renown remained alive in the following centuries. Through cooperation with the Lombard monarchs as well as later the Carolingian kings, Bobbio became a very prominent monastery in Northern Italy.

The abbatial museum (Museo dell'Abbazia di San Colombano) contains important items from antiquity to the late Middle Ages. Noteworthy among the early medieval items is a marble slab, presumably the cover of a sarcophagus, with an inscription commemorating the Irish bishop Cumian (not otherwise known) sponsored by King Liutprand.

The photo shows the back of the marble slab which was later inserted to the rood-screen.