(active c. 1140)

South portal (detail)

c. 1140
Church of St Mary and St David, Kilpeck

The south portal of the church of St Mary and St David in Kilpeck (Herefordshire) is the best preserved work produced by an influential school of sculpture in western England during the second quarter of the twelfth century.

Animal columns are a special form of Romanesque sculpture found mainly on French church portals (an example can be found in Souillac). Animals in all shapes populated free-standing columns or other supports, extending the sculptures on the capitals and bases across the entire shaft. However, there are columns of this type in Italy (in Lucca) and in England (in Kilpeck). The only example in Germany is to be found in the crypt of Freising Cathedral.

The detail of the south portal in Kilpeck shows an animal column at the left side of the portal.