(active c. 1215 in Burgos)

Tomb of Alfonso VIII of Castile

c. 1215
Monastery of Las Huelgas, Burgos

Alfonso VIII (1155-1214), called the Noble or el de las Navas, was the King of Castile from 1158 to his death and King of Toledo. He is most remembered for his part in the Reconquista and the downfall of the Almohad Caliphate. His wife was Eleonor Plantagenet (the daughter of King Henry II of England and the sister of King Richard the Lion-Hearted). The royal couple founded the monastery of Las Huelgas de Burgos c. 1180. The monastery is one of the most famous convents in Spanish history. The reliefs on their tomb in the monastery combine the arms of Leõn and Castile.