(active c. 1080 in South-eastern France)

Majestas Domini and Heavenly Jerusalem

c. 1080
Abbey Church, Saint-Chef (Isère)

The apses and convent chapel on the upper level of the northern transept of the abbey church of Saint-Chef, east of Lyon, converted in 1056, contain remnants of what was surely once extensive fresco work. The paintings in the chapel were freed of later painting in 1967, and, though damaged, are in a quite good state of preservation. In the small apse niche one can see a depiction of Christ in his glory, surrounded by angels and the symbols of the Evangelists.

The picture in the vault of the Chapelle Conventuelle shows the mandorla depicting Christ enthroned on a bench covered with cushions and with his arms raised in blessing. Above the crown on Christ's head the Holy Lamb is placed rather awkwardly upside down as it belongs to another section of the vault.