(active 1301-04 in Exeter)

East Window (detail)

Stained glass window
Cathedral, Exeter

Innovations from France had major consequences for the development of High Gothic stained glass in England. Tracery allowed the east ends and the west fronts of the great cathedrals of York, Exeter, and Gloucester to be turned into walls of glass. In the choir, this had the effect of turning the east wall into what in effect had now become a giant altarpiece behind the altar.

The figure of Isaiah (right) from the east window of Exeter Cathedral stands in an elegantly curved pose pointing with his right hand at the scroll in his left hand, which bears the text from Isaiah referring to the Tree of Jesse. Drapery and cloak are arranged in large, loose folds around the slender body of the prophet, and his face is framed by his elegantly curved hair and beard.