The scenes of the fresco cycle
  1. The School of Tagaste
  2. St Augustine at the University of Carthage
  3. St Augustine Leaving his Mother
  4. St Augustine's Journey to Rome
  5. Disembarkation at Ostia
  6. St Augustine Teaching in Rome
  7. St Augustine Departing for Milan
  8. Arrival of St Augustine in Milan
  9. Scenes with St Ambrose
  10. St Augustine Reading the Epistle of St Paul
  11. Baptism of St Augustine
  12. The Parable of the Holy Trinity
  13. Death of St Monica
  14. Blessing of the Faithful at Hippo
  15. Conversion of the Heretic
  16. St Augustine's Vision of St Jerome
  17. Funeral of St Augustine
Other frescoes in the chapel
  1. Four Evangelists (vault)
  2. Eight Saints (on the pillars)