Guided Tour #2

Overview of Sculptors from 1200 to 1900

Description: This tour offers you a list of the sculptors arranged in approximate chronological order appended by short explanations of the stylistic periods within the indicated time range.

Sources: ENTZ, Géza, Gothic Art, Corvina Budapest, 1972 (in Hungarian); MARTINDALE, Andrew, Gothic Art, Thames and Hudson, London, 1967; VAYER, Lajos, The Art of the Italian Renaissance, Corvina, Budapest, 1982 (in Hungarian); OLSON, Roberta J. M., Italian Renaisssance Sculpture, Thames and Hudson, London, 1992; CHASTEL, André, Les Arts de l'Italie, Presses Universitaires de France, Paris, 1963; KELÉNYI, György, The Art of the Baroque, Corvina, Budapest, 1985 (in Hungarian); The Encyclopedia of Visual Art, Encyclopaedia Britannica International, London, 1983

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