Guided Tour #3

The Art of Giotto

Description: This tour gives an overview of the art of Giotto, one of the most significant figure in the history of Renaissance painting. The frescoes in the Arena Chapel in Padua, in the Upper Church and Lower Church of San Francesco at Assisi as well as those in the Santa Croce in Florence are presented in full details by many additional pages. Some of the most important panel paintings are also commented.

Sources: VIGORELLI, Giancarlo, L'Opera Completa di Giotto, Rizzoli Editore, Milano 1977; BELLOSI, Luciano, Giotto, complete works, Scala/Riverside, New York, 1993; PROKOPP, Mária, Giotto's Frescoes in the Arena Chapel in Padua, Képzőművészeti Kiadó, Budapest, 1988 (in Hungarian); BERENSON, Bernard, Italian Painters of the Renaissance, Meridian Books, Cleveland and New York, 1957

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