Guided Tour #6

Visit to the Brancacci Chapel in the church Santa Maria del Carmine in Florence

Description: This tour allows you to visit the Brancacci Chapel of the Santa Maria del Carmine in Florence. With the help of many additional pages all frescoes of the chapel, made by Masolino and Masaccio between 1424 and 1428 then later completed by Filippino Lippi in 1481-82, are presented and commented in detail.

Sources: BERENSON, Bernard, Italian Painters of the Renaissance, Meridian Books, Cleveland and New York, 1957; PROCACCI, U., Masaccio e la Cappella Brancacci, Firenze, 1965; BERTI, L., L'Opera completa di Masaccio, Rizzoli Editore, Milano, 1968; CASAZZA, Ornella, Masaccio and the Brancacci Chapel, Scala/Riverside, New York, 1990

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