Hiring colour transparencies or high resolution files for reproduction

We frequently receive letters requesting information on the availability of high resolution transparencies or files suitable for publication. We do not have these transparencies or files but we wish to facilitate the search for them, therefore we established the following service.

To visitors (representing publishers, TV networks, periodicals, companies, graphic art studios, advertising, photographic and travel agencies, etc.) who wish to reproduce images displayed in the Web Gallery of Art, we suggest to contact Scala Group. This professional collection, a unique source of colour reproductions from all over the world, has over 50.000 subjects accessible and searchable on-line. The images are indexed by artist, museum, subject, etc. to allow picture searches of any complexity. Customers can access the images through the catalogues on CD-ROM, too.

It is also suggested that U.S. users contact Art Resource which represents Scala Group in the United States.

Please let us know your opinion on this service.

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