(b. 1850, Pest, d.1934, Budapest)


Hungarian painter. He studied in Munich and Paris. His first picture, Children with Parents, was exhibited in Vienna in 1873 where he met French painting and moved to Paris. He made friends with László Paál and Mihály Munkácsy in Barbizon. Munkácsy, J. Bastien-Lepage and J. F. Millet were of great influence on his development. From 1874 onwards, he spent summers in Szolnok and winters in Paris. He was an outstanding representative of the Szolnok art school. In his pictures from this period, peasants are portrayed with freshness and realism.

His skills and subject matters which were rather unusual in art abroad, made him an acknowledged artist. The strength of his art lies in realistic and objective portrayal which he learnt in the Barbizon school. His monumental decorative works fell short of his genre pictures in quality. He was the leader of the School for Women Painters in 1887-1922. He painted frescoes for the Tihany monastery with Károly Lotz and Bertalan Székely in 1889-90, and frescoes for the Hall of the Art Gallery in 1895-99. His major works: Market Women, Returning Home from the Farm, Bridal Procession, Easter Procession, Market Scene, Fifine, Portrait of László Paál and Stork on the Roof.

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