ADLER, Salomon
(b. 1630, Danzig, d. 1709, Milano)


German painter. There were few Jewish secular artists in Europe prior to the Emancipation that spread throughout Europe with the Napoleonic conquests. There were few exceptions: Salomon Adler, a prominent portrait painter was one of the earliest, and most successful Jewish painters in post-medieval Europe for which there is any documentation.

Adler was active in Milan and Bergamo, where he became well respected as a portrait painter. His style suggests that he was a direct influence on Fra Galgario during his time in Bergamo, and in the immediate, highly realistic nature of his portraits this influence becomes evident. In fact, Fra Galgario painted a portrait of Adler late in life (Accademia Carrara, Bergamo).

Adler executed a handful of self-portraits during his career, a mature example can be found in the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest.