(b. 1418, Firenze, d. 1481, Perugia)


Florentine sculptor and architect. He was the most original if not the greatest sculptor of his time, and the only 15th century sculptor born in Florence who owed little to Donatello or Ghiberti. His fresh and lively style was linear and graceful with distinctive swirling draperies.

Reliefs at Modena Cathedral executed by 1442 are accepted as his earliest work. Some have seen in them indications of a debt to Jacopo della Quercia, and others of possible training by Luca della Robbia. In 1446 he fled Florence after being accused of stealing silver from a church, and from 1450 to 1457 he worked on the sculptural reliefs for the Tempio Malatestiano at Rimini.

His other memorable large work is the series of reliefs, partly in terracotta, on the façade of the Oratory of San Bernardino at Perugia, on which he worked 1457-61 as architect as well as sculptor. He executed also several delightful reliefs on the Virgin and Child.