AIMO, Domenico
(b. ca. 1465, Varignana, d. 1539, Bologna)


Italian sculptor. In 1511, he is documented to produce two sculptures for the lunette of the Porta Magna of San Petronio, Bologna: an archivolt relief depicting a half-length figure of Moses, and a statue of St Ambrose.

In 1514 Aimo received a commission from the Roman senate to execute a statue of Pope Leo X in the Palazzo dei Conservatori, Rome. The statue (now Santa Maria in Aracoeli, Rome), resting on a plinth that bears three inscriptions, was installed in the Palazzo dei Conservatori in 1521.

Probably in 1518 Aimo produced a design for the façade of San Petronio (Museo di San Petronio, Bologna), incorporating the existing plinth and the vertical divisions determined by the original architect. The façade decoration was undertaken following Aimo's drawing and was completed to the present level by the end of the 1550s.

Around 1520, Aimo undertook to execute a relief of the Dormition of the Virgin for the Santa Casa, Loreto Cathedral. He worked on the sculpture from the end of 1523 until August 1525. The relief was completed by Niccolò Tribolo and Francesco da Sangallo in 1536.