(b. 1579/80, Antwerpen, d. 1620, Amsterdam)


Aert Anthonisz. Anthonissen, Dutch marine painter. Until 1973 he was known as Aart van Antum, after an erroneous interpretation of his early signatures. He was born in Antwerp, but moved to Amsterdam at an early age, presumably around 1590. He was possibly a pupil of Hendrick Cornelisz Vroom. In 1603 he signed a paper in Amsterdam that he was 23 years old and had lived there for 12 years, when he married Baycken Coutermans from Mechelen. She in turn was given power of attorney by him to settle an inheritance in Mechelen in 1614.

Stylistically his seascapes betray a Flemish influence. He was the father of the marine painter Hendrick van Anthonissen.