(b. ca. 1525, Ticino, d. 1597, Praha)


Italian architect, part of a family of architects, brother of Giovanni Battista Aostalli. Ulrico came from a Ticinese family of builders. From the 1540s he was in royal service in Prague. In 1548 he was a member of a masonry group working at the St. Vitus Cathedral. In 1558-59 he worked on Prague Castle, and in 1567 he became master builder at Prague Castle. In 1570 he was named director of royal buildings. From 1573 to 1583 he was responsible for the superintendence of the royal possessions as a building administrator of the Prague Castle.

He received numerous orders from Bohemian noble families (e.g. Waldstein, Pernstein, Rosenberg, Lobkowicz, and others).