BANDHAUER, Gottfried
(b. 1790, Rosslau, d. 1827, Rosslau)


German architect. In the 1820s he was the building inspector in the then duchy of Anhalt-Köthen in the service of Duke Ferdinand. In 1823 he was appointed a building planner and was responsible for the preservation, conversion and new construction of churches, schools, agricultural buildings for road and hydraulic engineering including the bridges.

The Duke mainly occupied him with representational buildings to expand the castle. Bandhauer developed a universal construction type which was not very elaborate and therefore cheap, functionally perfect and economical, contemporary in aesthetic design. He was known for his perfect combination of design and function. His motive was: "Only that is beautiful, which has purpose."

His important works in Köthen are: the Spiegelsaal in the castle; the Ferdinandsbau; the Remisengebäude and the Catholic Church St. Maria.