BELLO, Marco
(b. 1470, Venezia, d. 1523, Udine)


Italian painter. He was one of the most faithful pupils of Giovanni Bellini in reproducing the works of his master starting with the Circumcision of Christ, his only signed work and currently kept in the Concordi Academy in Rovigo.

In 1505 Marco Bello moved to Udine and married the daughter of Domenico Mioni, a painter and engraver; in 1516, after Giovanni Bellini's death, Marco found his artistic models in some works of Vincenzo Catena, a Venetian painter and imitator of Giovanni Bellini.

Marco Bello is not only an author of small paintings for private devotion, he also tried fresco technique, a practice neglected to Giovanni Bellini.

In 1976 after the earthquake in Cividale del Friuli a cycle of fresco representing sacred subjects was found on two façades of Stringher Levrini Palace and it was attributed to Marco Bello.