BERGHE, Christoffel van den
(b. ca. 1590, Antwerpen, d. after 1642, Middelburg)


Flemish painter, active in Middelburg. Little is known about Christoffel van den Berghe's life. His pictures generally bear the monogram CVB, and his identity was unknown until the 1950s. He seems to have led a fairly isolated existence in Middelburg, and only four of his flower paintings have been identified. He registered in the Guild of St. Luke in Middelburg.

He may have been a pupil of flower painter Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder. In addition to flower pieces, he painted landscapes that recall those of Jan Brueghel the Elder. Records also state that he painted a kitchen scene in 1642. He painted the interior of the church at Middelburg after it was damaged by fire.

Johannes Goedaert (1617–1668) was his pupil.