(active in 1230s)


The Berlinghieri were a family of Italian painters active at Lucca in the 13th century. Berlinghiero Berlinghieri, the founder of the family, is called 'Milanese' in a document of 1228, which also mentions three sons, Marco, Barone, and Bonaventura. He is not otherwise known, but a painted Crucifix (now in the Lucca Pinacoteca) signed 'Berlingeri' without Christian name is attributed to him. A Crucifix in the Accademia, Florence, is also sometimes assigned to him.

Bonaventura, the most talented of his sons, is known chiefly for his signed and dated altarpiece in the church of S. Francesco at Pescia (1235), which with its combination of solemn images and homely detail has been regarded as one of the most original, as it is one of the earliest pictorial representations of Franciscan ideas. The Scenes from the Life of St Francis in Sta Croce, Florence, and the St Francis receiving the Stigmata in the Accademia, Florence, have also been attributed to him.