BINCK, Jacob
(b. ca. 1500, Köln, d. ca. 1569, Königsberg)


German painter, engraver, medallist and builder of fortifications. He painted portraits of King Christian II of Denmark and Queen Elisabeth I during their period of exile in the Netherlands, before transferring to the service of King Frederik I and continuing as portrait painter and engraver for King Christian III. In the 1540s, he was "lent out" to Duke Albrecht of Prussia, but returned to Denmark to do the portrait for King Christian III's edition of the Bible. King Christian III also employed him as a travelling art advisor, in addition to which he served for a period with the king's architect, Morten Bussert, working on the construction of fortifications in the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein, based on experience reaped from his time spent in the Netherlands. He is thought to have moved to Königsberg in East Prussia in 1554.