BON, Giovanni
(b. ca. 1355, Bergamo, d. ca. 1443, Venezia)


Venetian sculptor and architect. With his son, Bartolomeo, he ran the most successful Venetian sculpture workshop of the period. Father and son took on a number of joint commissions until Giovanni’s death, but the latter’s contribution seems to have been a minor one. Attributions to Giovanni and Bartolomeo are many and so diverse that no consensus has been reached on their oeuvre. A complete lack of secure attributions to Giovanni has meant that there is no reliable basis for a reconstruction and appraisal of his career.

Major work of the shop include the decoration of the Ca d'Oro (1422-34) and the Porta della Carta (1438-42) of the Doges' Palace. They epitomize the survival of the Gothic style in Venice into the mid-Quattrocento.