(b. ca. 1350, Braunsberg?, d. ca. 1428, Stettin)


Hinrich (also Heinrich or Henryk) Brunsberg, German architect. He was the master of medieval brick Gothic around 1400 in the Mark Brandenburg and the Duchy of Pomerania.

It is believed that he comes from the city of Braunsberg. In 1372 he became citizen in Danzig (now Gdansk), where for 1378 a property in his name is detectable. Around 1400 he was first mentioned in Stettin (now Szczecin). In 1401 an inscription at the north chapel of the Katharinenkirche in the Neustadt Brandenburg calls him as master builder of the church building. He is last mentioned in 1428 in a document in Stettin. Presumably, he died there soon thereafter, but at the latest in 1435 after the completion of the Marian Chapel at Katharinenkirche.

His major works are the St. Katharinenkirche in Brandenburg; the Kathedrale St. Jacobi in Stettin; the reconstruction of the Rathaus in Stettin; the Peter-und-Paul-Kirche in Stettin; the Marienkirche in Stargard; the Rathaus in Königsberg; and the Rathaus in Tangermünde.