CABEL, Adriaan van der
(b. ca. 1630, Rijswijk, d. 1705, Lyon)


Adriaan van der Cabel (also Ary van der Kabel), Dutch painter and printmaker. He trained with Jan van Goyen in The Hague in the 1640s. His real name was Ary van der Touw ("of String"), but he changed it to Cabel (meaning "of Cable").

Van der Cabel traveled via France to Italy in 1655, where he joined the rowdy confraternity of Dutch artists in Rome known as the Bentvueghels. As was customary for this group, Van der Cabel received the nickname of Geestigheit, or 'Witticism', and apparently engaged in their hijinks as well: in 1665, his name appears in multiple police reports for brawling. He departed Italy the following year, traveling around France before settling in Lyon, where he spent the remainder of his career.

He was the teacher of Adrien Manglard and was influenced by Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, Salvator Rosa and Nicolaes Berchem. His work is sometimes confused with that of his younger brother Engel van der Cabel (1641-after 1695), who accompanied him on his travels.