CACCINI, Giovanni Battista
(b. 1556, Roma, d. 1613, Firenze)


Italian sculptor and architect. He was the pupil and assistant of Giovanni Antonio Dosio and probably moved with his master from Rome to Florence in November 1575, spending the rest of his life in Florence. From Dosio he learnt the techniques of marble-carving, stucco and antique restoration and the principles of architecture, benefiting from Dosio's intense interest in Greek and Roman antiquity. He spent much of his early career engaged in the restoration of sculptures, although he also produced significant original work at this time. He had become fully established by the late 1590s, and his predominance as a sculptor in Florence was assured by the move of his rival, Pietro Francavilla, to France in 1601. Of a secondary nature, Caccini's rather obscurely documented work as an architect began in the 1590s and continued until his death.