CASSANA, Giovanni Agostino
(b. ca. 1658, Venezia d. 1720, Genova)


Giovanni Agostino Cassana (Abate Cassana), Italian painter, part of a family of painters. He was a son of Giovanni Francesco Cassana and an elder brother of Niccolò and Giovanni Battista. He was initially instructed by his father. In 1670 he worked at the court of Ferdinando de' Medici in Florence and travelled regularly between Florence and Venice, but spent at least the years 1718-1720 in Genua, where he later died.

He painted portraits with some success, but preferred painting animals in the style of Antonio Maria Vasallo, Benedetto Castiglione, and Jan Fyt, a style which he learned from Jacob van de Kerckhoven in Venice. Paintings of still-life subjects are found in the collections at Florence, Venice, and Genoa.