CAYLINA, Paolo the Elder
(b. ca. 1425, Brescia, d. after 1486)


Italian painter, also called Paolo da Brescia, active mainly in Brescia. According to a document of 1451, he lived in Brescia in the district of S. Agata. In 1458 he is documented as "civis et habitator civitatis Brixiae", together with Foppa, in Pavia, in an act for a regulation of accounts with a certain Nicolò de Francesco. In the same year he signed the polyptych with the Virgin and Child Enthroned between Saints (in the churches of S. Albino and then of S. Lorenzo in Mortara, Pavia, now in the Galleria Sabauda, Turin).

In 1459-66 he was in Brescia in charge of the lost ornamentation of the clock on the Piazza Comunale. In 1471, also in Brescia, he was commissioned by the City Council to decorate the loggetta on the eastern side of the Piazza Comunale. Recently, frescoes by him, signed and dated 1486, were discovered under a cycle of his nephew, Paolo Caylina the Younger in the Chapel of the Virgin in the church of S. Giovanni Evangelista in Brescia.