(active 1372, Orvieto, d. 1401, Perugia)


Italian painter, active in Orvieto and Prerugia. He was a pupil of Ugolino di Prete Ilario (active c. 1334-after 1378), the first well-known figure in the school of Orvieto, who was charged with much of the decoration of the Duomo between 1372-78. Ugolino appears to have been significantly influenced by the Sienese master Luca di Tommé and indeed documentation exists that confirms Luca's presence in Orvieto at this time, and Ugolino's acquaintance with him.

Bernard Berenson was the first to endeavour to define Petruccioli's oeuvre, and was able to give a name to the small body of work on the basis of a signed diptych, at that time in the Spello Library and now in the Pinacoteca Civica, Spello. The two Spello panels represent The Coronation of the Virgin and The Crucifixion.