CRIVELLI, Angelo Maria
(d. ca. 1730)


Italian painter, called Crivellone. He was the most important specialist in scenes with hunting, game, wild and domestic birds, animals, poultry and fish, active in Lombardy at the turn of the eighteenth century. For his vast and varied production - very popular among the petite noblesse and wealthy bourgeoisie of Milan - his points of reference were local painters such as Angelo Maria Rossi as well as northern European artists of the caliber of Frans Snyders, Jan Fyt, Pieter Boel and Melchior d'Hondecoeter. His son Giovanni, called Crivellino (d. 1760), followed his father's footsteps and developed his themes, interpreting them in a more markedly decorative light, creating various cycles of large canvases designed to adorn the lavish salons of country villas.

Much of Crivellone's work is untraced, dispersed on the art market.