ENGEL, Carl Ludwig
(b. 1778, Berlin, d. 1840, Helsinki)


German architect, active in Finland. He studied in Berlin under Schinkel, and arrived in Finland from Estonia where he was a town architect of Tallinn.

His most noted work can be found in Helsinki, which he helped rebuild as the new capital of the newly founded Grand Duchy of Finland. His works include most of the buildings around the capital's monumental centre, the Senate Square and the buildings surrounding it. The buildings are Helsinki Cathedral, The Senate (now the Palace of the Council of State), the City of Helsinki Town Hall, and the library and the main building of Helsinki University.

He had a great impact on the architecture of Finland in the first part of the 19th century, not just as an architect but also as the head of the Intendent's Office, which was responsible for all key public buildings throughout the country.