FARELLI, Giacomo
(b. 1629, Roma, d. 1706, Napoli)


Italian painter. Born in Rome but in 1644 moved with his family to Naples where he studied with Andrea Vaccaro. When very young, he gave an early proof of his talent, in a painting of St Bridget, for the church dedicated to her in Naples. Subsequently he altered his manner in an attempt to rival Domenichino.

Giacomo Farelli is a notable representative of Neapolitan painting in the second half of the seventeenth century, even if studies of his interesting and prolific career are still ongoing. The catalogue of his works has grown steadily over recent decades and shows that he was one of the protagonists on the Abruzzo stage, where he was especially active in working on commissions from the noble families as well as serving important political and administrative appointments.

Although his works are mainly in various churches in Naples, there are also works by him in Abruzzo and in the palace of municipality of Pisa.