(d. 1653, Mechelen)


Flemish sculptor, active in Mechelen. He was the brother of Maria Faydherbe and Hendrik Faydherbe (1574–1629), and the nephew of Lucas Faydherbe. He became master in the Mechelen Guild of St Luke in 1605, and dean of the guild in 1623 and 1628.

He sold a Madonna, two angels, a St Elizabeth and a St Augustine (all polychromed by his brother Hendrik Faydherbe) to the hospital in Hulst, and a statue of Our Lady of Scherpenheuvel to the church of St John the Baptist in Mechelen. The city accounts show him carrying out minor works in 1634-35 for the formal reception of the new governor general, the Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand of Austria.

His daughter, Maria Faydherbe, was also a sculptor, as was his nephew, Lucas Faydherbe.