FELICI, Vincenzo
(b. ca. 1657, Roma, d. 1715, Roma)


Italian sculptor, pupil of Domenico Guidi. His first known work is the statue prophet Elisha, placed at the main altar of the church of Santa Maria in Traspontina, executed in 1695. The altar was designed twenty years earlier by Carlo Fontana. His statue of St. Philip on the façade of the cathedral of Frascati (designed by Girolamo Fontana, nephew of Carlo, and created between 1696 and 1701) should have been executed around 1701.

In 1702-03, he created the statue of St John the Martyr placed in the colonnade of St. Peter's, and almost simultaneously the statue of St. Francis for the façade of San Silvestro in Capite, built by Domenico Rossi and completed in 1703. Another statue, representing St. Calepodio, was carved for the façade of Santa Maria in Trastevere around 1702. Between 1703 and 1708 Felici made a relief of the Assumption of Mary for the church of Santa Maria dell'Umiltà built by Carlo Fontana.

In 1711 Felici executed two dolphins for the fountain in the square of the Pantheon, alongside the sculptor Lorenzo Ottoni. The statue of St. Agnes is perhaps the most elegant surviving work of Felici, with a distant reminiscence of Algardi, mediated through his teacher Domenico Guidi, but softened by overt debts of the eighteenth century.