FLURER, Franz Ignaz
(b. 1688, Augsburg, d. 1742, Graz)


German painter. He trained (1701-06) with the Augsburg painter Johann Rieger (fl 1690; d 1730). By 1720 he was employed by Graf Ignaz Maria Attems (d 1732) to paint canvases and Baroque frescoes for his castles at Slovenska Bistrica (1720-21) and Brezice (1722-27), Slovenia, and at Gösting (1728-29; destroyed), near Graz. He also painted frescoes for the Kursaal at Tobelbad (1732; in situ) and for a garden pavilion at Schloss Brunnsee (Allegory of Agriculture, 1733; in situ). His landscapes depict ports, travellers and Graf Attems's castles. His religious works were executed mainly for churches in Graz, including St Giles (1730-33) for the main altar in Graz Cathedral. His compositions were derived from those of the Augsburg painter Melchior Seidl (1657-1727) and from Annibale Carracci and Pietro da Cortona's frescoes in Rome; his landscapes were influenced by Italian art, especially that of the Venetians Marco Ricci and Luca Carlevaris, and by the Dutch painter Pieter Mulier.