(b. 1653, Padova, d. 1732, Modena)


Italian architect. Born to a noble family in Padua, he had the title of count. From 1691 to 1720 he was curator of the public library in his hometown. Later, due to family disputes, he settled in Modena. He was very active both as an architect, designing buildings and churches in Padua, Vicenza, Stra and Modena, and as librettist of operas for the Teatro San Giovanni Crisostomo in Venice and the Teatro Obizzi in Padua.

Among his early work as an architect is a chapel in the Basilica di Sant'Antonio and the church Santa Maria del Torresino in Padua. He designed also the churches of Santa Lucia in Padua and San Gaetano in Vicenza, the Mussato and Buzzacarini palaces in Padua, and the Pisani Palace in Venice. His most famous work is undoubtedly the Villa Pisani in Stra based on an original plan.