GABRI, Pietro
(d. 1585, Brno)


Italian architect, active in Moravia. He came to Brno with his entire family (mother Ursula, wife Anna, siblings Antonio and Ursula) around 1570. Shortly after his arrival he was accepted as a burgher and mason. His first construction works were minor orders. In 1577, the city council signed a contract with him concerning the Town Hall Tower. He completed its Renaissance appearance, raised it by 5 meters, topped it with a gallery and high-pitched turrets.

In 1578, Pietro Gabri was contracted to build a new building for the Moravian Assembly and Regional Court which until that time used the Dominican monastery in Brno for their meetings. In 1582-83 Gabri built a new hall with adjacent staircase above the northern wing of the monastery. After his death, his younger brother Antonio completed the work.

From 1579 Pietro Gabri worked on the construction of the Bishop's Court for the Olomouc bishop Stanislav Pavlovský of Pavlovice. The Gabri brothers worked on several monasteries in Brno and its surroundings. Outside Brno, Pietro Gabri's most important work was his contribution to the Renaissance reconstruction of the chateau in Bucovice (e.g. the arcaded courtyard).

Pietro Gabri played a significant role in creating the Renaissance appearance of Brno.