GALEOTTI, Pietro Paolo
(b. 1520, Monte Rotondo, d. 1584, Firenze)


Italian medallist, goldsmith and sculptor. The son of Pietro di Francesco, he was brought to Florence at a young age by Benvenuto Cellini, who described in his Vita how he found Galeotti in Rome in 1528. Galeotti accompanied Cellini to Ferrara and Paris in 1540 and worked in his Paris workshop with Ascanio de' Mari (d. 1566) in the Château du Petit-Nesle in 1548-49. He settled in Florence around 1552 and entered into the service of the Mint. He became a Florentine citizen in 1560. A payment to him from Cellini is recorded in January 1552, for chasing done on Cellini's Perseus. A sonnet of 1555 by the historian and critic Benedetto Varchi (I Sonetti, Venice, 1555) describes Galeotti as an equal rival of Domenico Poggini, another medallist also employed by the Mint. Briefly in 1575, Galeotti appears to have been an assistant engraver at the Papal Mint in Rome, taking the place of Lodovico Leoni (1542-1612).