GALLE, Hieronymus
(b. 1625, Antwerpen, d. after 1679, Antwerpen)


Hieronymus (Girolamo) Galle, Flemish painter. He was the pupil of Abraham Hack (active 1623-1638). He joined the Sint-Lucasgilde (Guild of St. Luke) in Antwerp in 1636 and became master in 1645. He was active in Antwerp, but stayed in Rome in 1661-62

He was a specialist in flower and fruit still-lifes. Initially he was a follower of the leading Antwerp flower painters Daniel Seghers and Jan Brueghel the Elder, but during his stay in Rome he absorbed the mid-seventeenth century Roman still-life tradition. Paolo Porpora and Pace del Campidoglio may have been an influence on his work.