GALLEGO, Fernando
(b. ca. 1440, Salamanca, d. 1507, Salamanca)


Spanish painter. He worked mainly in Salamanca, where Palomino says he was born, and was the major Castilian painter of his period. Gallego's sober, impassive style has affinities with that of Dirk Bouts, and it has been suggested that he visited the Netherlands early in his career. His works include a retable (c.1475-80) of San Ildefonso in the cathedral of Zamora, a triptych of The Virgin, St Andrew and St Christopher in the new cathedral of Salamanca, and ceiling frescos on astrological subjects (much repainted) in the Old Library in the University of Salamanca. Gallego had considerable influence in Castile. One of his followers, Francisco Gallego, was presumably a relative.