GALLI, Pietro
(b. 1804, Roma, d. 1877, Roma)


Italian sculptor. He became a pupil of Thorvaldsen in Rome c. 1822. This year he is mentioned as working for Thorvaldsen and he also appears in the workshop accounts. When Thorvaldsen traveled to Denmark in 1838, Galli moved into his apartment in Casa Buti and ran the studios at Piazza Barberini until the sculptor's return in 1841.

The longstanding relationship ended, however, in early 1842, when Galli insisted on creating his own career. He moved out of Casa Buti and then worked no longer for Thorvaldsen, but only for the Torlonia family.

Galli's works for Thorvaldsen include a diminished version of Alexander the Great's triumph in Babylon. In addition, during Thorvaldsen's absence in 1838-41, he executed three series of reliefs based on Thorvaldsen's sketches to the now demolished Palazzo Torlonia in Piazza Venezia in Rome.