GREUTER, Matthias
(b. ca. 1564, Strasbourg, d. 1638, Roma)


German (Alsatian) engraver. He converted to Catholicism in 1594 and moved to Avignon in 1596 with three children. Moved to Rome in 1603 and stayed there until his death in 1638. In 1612 he had a shop at San Marcello. In 1604 he petitioned for a 10-year papal privilege to cover work that he intended to engrave after his own inventions. The privilege was granted. He had interests in the sciences, especially mathematics and engraved the plates for Galileo's book on Sunspots of 1613, under the supervision of Cigoli.

Baglione mentioned him as especially successful in small devotional works. He also made a number of thesis prints and titlepages. He re-worked existing plates, including Tempesta.

He was father of Johann Friedrich Greuter (c. 1591-1662), with whom he collaborated on some projects and who took over the business from him.