JADOT, Jean-Nicolas
(b. 1710, Luneville, d. 1761, Ville-Issey)


Jean-Nicolas Jadot de Ville Issey, French architect from Lorraine. Trained by Germain Boffrand (1667-1754), he settled in Vienna under the aegis of Francis Stephen, Duke of Lorraine (1708-65) and consort of Maria Theresia (reigned 1740-80). Jadot designed the Arco San Gallo, Florence (1738-39), to commemorate Francis Stephen's accession to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany (1739), and, after he arrived in Vienna, was the architect of the Alte Aula, or Old University (later Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1753-55), and the Schönbrunn Menagerie, both in the Louis XV style. He may have been the author of the plan for the Royal Palace in Budapest (1749).