LE ROUX, Roullant
(active 1508, d. 1527, Rouen)


French architect and sculptor. He was the nephew and pupil of Jacques Le Roux (died 1510), architect, and the pupil of Guillaume Pontits (died 1497), master builder and stonemason. In 1510 he succeeded his uncle as Master of the Works of Rouen Cathedral and immediately undertook the reconstruction of the central portal of the west façade. Its gables and niches harmonize with the older Gothic work and the design of the inner west wall is one of the masterpieces of late Flamboyant.

As Master Mason to the City of Rouen and to the King of France, he was involved shortly after 1508 in the construction of the Grande Chambre du Parlement, and between 1510 and 1512 he worked on the new Bureau des Finances; both schemes were under the patronage of Louis XII.